About Me


I’m glad you arrived here. My name is Alexus Minotaur and I live in this side of the metaverse named Second Life. I joined in 2008 and since then was a big adventure.

I consider myself optimistic and with a sense of humor to deal with everyday problems. Also I have a huge dose of naughtiness and I consider myself a great fan of beautiful women. I like them, and they like me.

When I’m exploring the world I enjoy taking photographs of the places I discover and people I meet.

I like to write stories with high doses of erotism, sex and humor.

If you are not interested in that kind of contents, you can check the sections of travel and products, where I recommend places you can visit and stuff you can buy. I hope some of that helps you.

My biography inworld

Former pornstar and freelance photographer. I joined the adult industry in 2009, and in 2010 I founded Minotaur Productions, a company where I created lots of stories and worked with all the big names of the industry. I enjoyed a good time where I made good money and could afford a house on a private island and had the resource to travel around the world.

Times changed and porn stopped to be ceased to be profitable for the producers because the rise of the streaming formats and video portals who shared all the work for free. That caused a huge crisis that killed lots of companies, including mine.

I sold my company, my beach house, and moved to a new city.

Now I live in a comfortable loft in downtown. I work as a personal trainer and photographer for Bon Vivant magazine. I still have sex with my former porn partners but now just for fun. I travel, explore and live new adventures with an urban lifestyle.


I love taking pics inworld.


Love to explore and discover new places.


I like to create stories.

I enjoy the company of gorgeous women too, specially if we are naked.
What kind of contents can be found here?
Most of contents are related to adult stories with doses of fun and sensuality. You can find also information related to places, events and stuff that you can find inside Second Life. If you don’t feel comfortable with nudity please avoid this website.
What is Second Life?

Second Life (SL) is a virtual world developed by Linden Lab. More than a game, it’s an open world where you can establish your own goals and establish the role you want. You can check more information about it here.

Can you help me with the style of my avatar? I want to be a super model.

I’m happy to help, if you find me online inworld, just send me a message.

Can you hire me as your next co-star?

I’m happy to help, if you find me online inworld, just send me a message.

I want to promote my products or business with you. Can you help me?

Yes, I’ll be happy to help. Just send me a message inworld or fill the form here.

Your pics are awesome, can you make a portrait for my avatar?

Sure buddy, contact me and we can make it happen for a fair price.