Minotaur Maze

A scary Halloween night

Halloween night for adults is usually something different than how children celebrate it. While the latter go trick-or-treating, the former organize parties where men and women dress up in costumes that some may find questionable at best. We’re also usually not allowed to eat candy as we drink and dance with strangers.

But for me? The most interesting part of those parties is that the women often wear revealing outfits made by expensive designers while I’m dressed as a biker or a delivery guy.

But this year was different.

I received an unexpected call from a client who wanted to do a photo shoot of his hotel. I prefer to take pics to women in their underwear—or sometimes naked—and sell my work to them or to magazines. But an opportunity to make some extra money it’s always welcome.

The place is in a quite inaccessible area. You must go along the road that leaves the city and advance 3 hours, until you reach exit 12, from there you must advance 2 more hours up the mountain.

When I arrived it was going to be dark very soon. The owner offered me to stay in one of his cabins at no cost and the next day I could take the photos very early.

Alexus Minotaur

The place was not the most beautiful I have seen in my life: a dilapidated cabin, without a single piece of furniture except for a bed and an old television.

I kept thinking “who could stay in a place like this?”

I walked acknowledging the room and noticed that the TV was on. How long would it have been like this? No idea. But apparently there was no signal in the area, all what I could see was static.

Above the TV was a remote. I used it to change the channel, but with no success. All what I could see was static. Then something strange happened.

The static turned into a scene of a forest and a well on it.

I observed the scene for one minute but nothing happened, this was getting bored.

So I decided to just turn off the tv and go to sleep.

But then, the tv turned it on.

I tried to turn it off again, but before I did, the scene of the forest appeared again. This time something different was happening.

Something was coming out of the well.

A hand reached out and let out a head.

The creature was a human, or at least seemed so.

Was it… a woman? she wore a white dress splattered with blood. She very calmly climbed out of the well. She began to take slow steps and approach the camera. I couldn’t stop looking at the scene.

She was walking towards me—or more precisely, to where I was standing. What the hell am I watching?

Suddenly the thing with the white dress came closer and transmission was lost. Going back to seeing only static.

I wondered if what I had seen was my imagination and maybe the static had never gone away.

When suddenly something horrible happened.

That woman, she started going through the screen and out of the TV!

I panicked. I was paralyzed with fear! It was so much the terror that I felt, that my legs trembled and I fell on my back to the floor.

The woman started to get out, she already had an arm out of her and part of her head. The only thing I managed to do was grab the remote and type 69, trying to switch to the first channel that came to mind: the XXX Life porn channel.

I know it wouldn’t do any good, since it’s a channel that you can only tune into if you pay for a special package (which I have at home). But at the time I wasn’t thinking clearly.

There was a loud crackling sound and a bright light flashed. Then everything went dark.

I didn’t understand what had happened. But at least that hideous creature was gone.

A few seconds passed and the TV came back on.

The woman was still there! But now she looked different.

I tried to run away, but my legs wouldn’t respond.

And then I saw it. Her face. Her body. Her clothes, all was so different!

Where did the terrifying woman in the white dress with blood stains go? The one in front of me now was a tall woman with generous curves and a very short and sexy dress. She was beautiful, with long brunette hair cascading down her shoulders and a fat lips that gave her a sinful smile.

“You’re a goddess!” I told her.

“7 hours” she replied.

Serenity Kristan

I didn’t understand what was happening, but at least the panic was gone.

Seeing this delicious woman in my room with such a luscious body, I think there was only one thing to do.

We both took out our clothes, and she slowly approached me, while I waited for her with a boner that had the size of a mountain.

She approached me and the lips of her vagina began to brush the tip of my cock, already large and ready to attack.

I felt a surge of excitement and energy flowing through my body.

She was over me, looking me and smiling.

“Do you want to cum inside my pussy?” she asked, while taking my cock in her hand and guiding it to her entrance.

“Yes please.” I said, almost incoherently.

My member easily entered her vagina and she let out a loud moan. Then she started moving, fucking herself hard with my cock.

I knew that I was about to climax. I was close, really close.

But I wanted to enjoy it as much as possible.

So I made a great effort to resist. I took a deep breath and took control of the rhythm.

“Come on Alex, it’s not the first time you’ve fucked a woman as delicious as her!” I told myself.

I had gone from terror to a field where I have control. This is my kingdom and here I rule.

I took her by that huge ass of hers and pressed her against me, putting every inch of my member into her, until I hit her cervix. She moaned with pleasure. Then she pushed herself into me, making me feel like I was being split in two.

I yelled, feeling my balls tighten and my cock growing even harder.

Neither of us was going to give up. We both fucked like it was the last time in our lives. This fantastic brunette had an unstoppable ass to annihilate cocks. But I was well armed and was going to give her a good fight.

I held her tight, pushing her body against mine, pounding her. She was moaning louder and louder, her nails digging into my arms.

I could feel the pressure building inside me, and I was about to finish. But I had to make her cum first. And I was going to do it with my tongue.

I began to lick her boobs that were bouncing over my face, and she responded with a scream. That’s it, she’s cumming!

I took control of her hips, thrusting her body against mine. Now it was my turn. I grabbed her ass and lifted her higher. “Cum for me, Goddess!” I said, and she did, with a loud cry.

She was breathing heavily and her body was shivering.

I continued to pump her until she came again, screaming loudly and shaking violently.

She can cum a lot! I was happy but I was needing to release my seed.

After a few thrusts, I heard the familiar squelching noise of my load entering her.

We both stayed in each other’s arms in silence while I finished ejaculating inside her. The walls of her vagina tightened and took out all the liquid that I kept.

I was enjoying the sensation of my cock still buried in her.

“We should rest a little,” I said, and we laid on the bed together.

“You can’t leave, you have to satisfy me for 7 hours.” she told me.

I nodded. “Of course.”

“Then I’m going to start again.”

I lost count of how many times I’ve fucked her that night.

I’m not going to complain. The place was a crap, but this experience was priceless.

I still don’t understand how this happened, but the next day I contacted the owner of the place and offered him a ridiculous sum for his old TV. He thought I was crazy, but he gladly sold it to me.

I brought it home and put it in my room.

Now I am thinking of hiring the entire package of adult channels from my cable TV provider. Wish me luck.