Minotaur Maze

An adventure in the woods: Ft. Rachel Swallows

As the sun began to set over the campsite, Alex arrived, eager to join the mountain climbing expedition that awaited him the next morning. The air was filled with excitement, and he was thrilled to be a part of the adventure. As a newcomer to the group, he had no idea who the organizer was.

Following the directions given by the other campers, he made his way to a point lookout not far from the boot camp base. And there she stood, gazing at the shimmering lake below, lost in the beauty of the landscape. As he approached, he couldn’t believe his luck.

“Rachel?” Alex whispered, his voice filled with astonishment while he observed her magnificent buttocks and thick, long legs. Oh! how many long nights had he enjoyed those fantastic limbs wrapped around his waist. He had fantasized about being with her again, and here she was, in the flesh, standing in front of him.

Startled, Rachel turned around. “Alex! what a pleasant surprise,” she replied, genuinely happy to see him.

Their last encounter had been some months ago, a night of wild passion that had left an indelible mark on both of them. Since then, life had taken them on separate journeys, but fate had brought them together once more, surrounded by the majestic mountains.

They held each other in a way that simple friends wouldn’t: she clung to his neck as she rubbed her large, juicy breasts against his strong, ripped pecs. He took her by her thighs, touching part of her buttocks, feeling how firm and hard they were. While he was doing this, he was pressing his crotch to hers, to make sure she knew how happy he was to see her.

“It’s so good to see you again, baby,” he said with a big smile.

“And you,” she replied. “It’s so good to have you here.” Rachel said while she noticed his bulge.

“Oh, baby, I still remember our last night together!” He said while caressing her thighs, sliding his hand up her shorts and caressing her butt.

“Mmm… Alex…” she moaned.

Rachel has always been very sexy and when they slept together she was a little wild, and the thought that she was going to fuck with him again aroused her. She felt her pussy become wet, something she couldn’t prevent, because he had a magic touch and she was getting hot.

“How is your friend?” she asked as she rubbed against his crotch.

“He is very well, but he wants to be inside you again. I want that too,” Alex replied as he rubbed two fingers in her dripping cunt.

“Alex, please, not here.”

“Hey Rachel, I was wondering if you’d like to join us on a walk through the woods” said a young man who appeared out of nowhere.

Alex and Rachel tried to hide the fact that they were about to rip off their clothes, turning to face the young man, although Alex kept one hand tightly gripping Rachel’s buttock.

“Hey Dave, yeah, that would be a nice idea,” she replied, “but here I have my friend Alex who is new here and he just arrived today.”

“Alex, a pleasure. I’m Dave, another member of the camp.”

“Dave, pleasure,” Alex replied as he was reluctant to release from Rachel’s butt.

“You know what Dave, why don’t you go with the rest of the group? I prefer to stay here, because I have to show Alex some things about the camp,” Rachel suggested.

The guy shrugged and said, “Alright then, we’ll be back in about four hours. Have fun, you two.”

“Take your time, we’ll be here,” said Alex.

As soon as Dave left, Rachel and Alex looked at each other, and with a mischievous smile she said: “why don’t we go to the base? I want to show you something very special.”

They walked to the camp, and before they could enter, Rachel said, “You’re going to love this.”

They walked into the building, and there Alex saw a room with some bunk beds. The place was empty because the whole group went to hike.

“Here is where the girls sleep. Your bed is in the next cabin, but we can stay here while the group is out” said Rachel.

She began to take off her shirt and Alex stared at her big round breasts. He felt his cock getting hard, but he was happy that the girls had left, as he didn’t want any interruptions.

“You know, you should undress too, so we can go to bed,” she said.

“Oh, babe, I’ll get naked as soon as I see those magnificent breasts of yours.”

Her large, heavy, luscious tits came into view. Her nipples were erect, as hard as tiny bullets.

“Wow, baby, they’re incredible,” he said as he moved closer to her.

She smiled and proceeded to remove the rest of her clothes. Alex stared at such a monument of a woman that he had in front of him. Her pussy was thick and bushy, the lips were large and juicy. Her clit was large and sticking out. Her thighs were thick, her hips wide, and her stomach flat. Her entire body was toned, the product of constant physical activity. She was a goddess reserved only for a few lucky mortals.

Alex’s eyes were on her body, drinking in the sight of her perfection. His cock was rock hard.

“It’s your turn, Alex,” she said.

Alex stripped, taking off his clothing one by one. Rachel loved his muscular body, the perfect six pack, and his powerful arms and legs. He was handsome, and the best part was that his cock was huge.

“I’ve been dreaming of doing you again, baby,” Alex said.

“Me too, Alex.” she said as she kissed him passionately, as their tongues danced. Their naked bodies began to rub.

“You’re so fucking hot, baby” he said as he caressed her ass.

“Do me, Alex” she said as she raised a leg and wrapped around Alex’s waist.

Alex’s cock was hanging free, his cock was rock hard, and as she looked at it, her pussy was dripping wet. Alex had his cock pointed towards her dripping cunt. He grabbed her ass, lifting her, and Rachel grabbed his shoulders, wrapping her legs around him. She felt how he rubbed his cock in her cunt. He was slipping every inch around her lips.

Alex has a great big cock. It’s almost too big for the average girl, but Rachel is proud to brag that she’s had that dick in her hundreds of times in the past few years. They used to work together making adult films, but gossip says that they had more action backstage when no one was filming.

He put his cock on her pussy and rubbed the tip a little. He was going crazy with desire, and so was Rachel, so she asked: “please, Alex, I want to feel that big cock inside me.”

Alex hugged her from behind. His big hands were holding her large breasts. She was rubbing her ass against his groin, and she was feeling his cock. She was feeling that huge cock poking her pussy. Alex began to caress her big round butt and then his hand went lower and touched her pussy.

“Mmmmmm, baby, I want to feel your cock inside me. Fuck me, Alex, do me good, make me scream.”

He inserted a finger, feeling her dripping cunt. She moaned and bit his neck. She was crazy for him.

“Baby, you are so hot.”

Rachel is a little wild, she loves to fuck and she knows how to give her man good pleasure.

He began to rub her clit and he said, “are you wet? I’ll give you the best time of your life, baby.”

“You already are, Alex, but you haven’t started yet.”

His cock was still hard. She could feel how it was wet with her juice.

“Let’s get in bed.”

She pushed him to the bed and put him in position.

He was sitting on the edge of the bed. She was standing between his legs. His cock was right in front of her pussy.

She climbed on the bed and put her legs on each side of him, straddling him.

“Look what you’ve got in front of you, Alex. Don’t you like it?”

“You are a goddess, Rachel.”

He grabbed her waist guiding her pussy to his cock. He felt the lips of her pussy touching the tip of his cock. He pressed harder and felt the heat of her pussy.

“Baby, you’re driving me crazy.”

Rachel sat on Alex’s crotch. She was feeling the tip of Alex’s cock entering her pussy. She moaned as she felt his cock moving inside her pussy. Her juices were flowing all over Alex’s cock.

Rachel began to move her hips and Alex moved his pelvis following her rhythm. He was pushing his cock deep inside her pussy and she was pushing her pussy hard on his cock.

“Fuck, you’re so tight.” said Alex.

Rachel was riding Alex’s cock and it was driving him crazy. He loved how her pussy was squeezing his dick. He held her tits and began to play with her nipples. She moaned at the touch.

“Oh fuck, baby! I’m cumming.” she said.

She screamed and came. Her whole body was shaking and she collapsed on top of him. Alex felt his cock throbbing and shot his cum deep into her pussy.

Alex felt so happy to spend such a memorable moment with her friend. Yes, the friendship they had gave them certain privileges such as giving themselves sexual pleasure without major complications or commitments. Besides, it would be difficult to stay with the suppressed desire when they were both sexually very attractive.

They were resting for a few minutes after they had satisfied their sexual urges.

“I don’t want to move from here. I feel so good and your cock is still inside me.” said Rachel.

Alex kissed her neck and laid her down on the bed. Now they are both lying on their sides and he takes advantage of this new position to push harder inside her. Rachel won’t stop moaning.

“Mmmmm, baby, you feel so good inside me. Don’t stop, Alex, you are doing me good.”

Alex is fucking her in the spooning position. His cock is fucking her from behind.

“Yes, baby, fuck me, do me well.”

Alex and Rachel sweat while they make love. Alex was so excited, fucking his friend and hearing her moaning in pleasure. He was thrusting harder and harder.

“Ahhh, baby, do me good, my pussy is shaking. I want your cum inside me.”

Alex was fucking her with strength, his cock was entering and leaving her pussy. He is proud of the tool that dangles between his legs and knows that thanks to it he has been able to pleasure Rachel countless nights.

“Aaaahhh, yes, Alex, yes, yes, yes, yes.”

Her pussy is contracting again and she is squirting again, Alex is feeling the liquid coming out of her pussy.

“Ahhhh, my baby, ahhhh.”

Rachel is shaking, her legs are trembling and then she is still. She is so happy.

“I’ll not stop until you cum inside me.”

Rachel now rides Alex. Her big tits are bouncing and her pussy is squeezing his cock.

“Ahhh, you are so sexy, my little sweet girl. Your pussy is so tight and I want you to cum.”

She is fucking him in the cowgirl position. She is rubbing her clit.

“Ahhhhh, yes, yes, ahhhh, ahhhh.”

Alex is feeling all her pussy movements. This time is harder and he clearly feels a high dose of pleasure.

“I’m going to cum, Alex, ah, I’m going to cum. Ahhhh, ahhhhhh.”

“Aaaaaaahhh, baby, ohhhh.”

Rachel’s pussy is contracting. She is cumming again. Alex feels her cum and then for the first time today he cums, too.

“Ahhhhhhhh, I’m cumming, Rachel, I’m cumming, aahhhhhh.”

Rachel loves how her friend cum inside her pussy. His hot juice is filling her. She is feeling her pussy tremble, she is going crazy with pleasure.

Rachel and Alex are panting. He hugs her and they cuddle together.

“You were great, Alex.”

“Thanks, baby.”

“You must know that I’m not taking any pill so there’s a high chance you’ll get me pregnant. I hope that idea doesn’t scare you.”

“I’m fine with that. I’veI heard that couples need a lot of tries to get a baby. How many times have we slept together so far?”

“Oh, about 200, I think.”



“Wow, Rachel. We have history together, huh?”

“Yes, Alex, we have. That’s what I told to Steve”


“Yes, my ex-boyfriend.”

“Why did you leave him?”

“He didn’t respect me.”

“Did he do something bad to you?”

“He asked me for a break… and he used that time to sleep with three of my “friends”. I didn’t understand why he did that, but when I heard him talking with his friend about his last affair, I left the city for a few days, I didn’t want to see him. I took the opportunity to go to the desert to work on a project, and by great chance, we found ourselves there. Do you remember our night at that motel?”

“Yeah right, so that night we had revenge sex?”

“Don’t feel bad please, you know I love having sex with you. But that night I needed comfort and you fell from the sky”

“Ok, I’ll never feel bad for that night. And, besides, that hasn’t been the only time we’ve been together.”

“Yes, that’s what I told Steve. That this was my way of getting even because of what he did…or at least in part. He was in shock, but his curiosity was stronger. He was wondering if your cock would be bigger or smaller than his. Oh! men! Why do you like to compare yourself to that? He insisted so I told him the truth: my friend Alex has a bigger and better cock than yours, Steve.”

“You told him that?”

“Yes, I did. But he didn’t believe me, until I showed him some pics I had of you. They were on my old computer. I showed him the adult stuff we used to do together, remember?”

“Oh yes, I remember”

“Yeah, it was really funny. He was in shock and I laughed, so I took the opportunity to break with him for good.”

“I’m glad you did it.”

“He begged me to come back. But I didn’t. The only thing I said was: Steve, you are not man enough for me. I had the opportunity to hook up with someone else, but I never did. Do you remember Dave?”

“The guy that invited you to hike earlier?”

“Yes, he was hitting on me, but I found out that he is a friend of Steve’s. I can’t kick him out of the group for that, but I’m trying to avoid him. I’m so glad you appeared today. Your presence was a godsend, I really need a friend.”

“I’m happy this coincidence crossed our paths again.”

“Yes Alex, and thanks for this. I really needed that. You know how much I enjoy sex, right?”

“Of course I know it. We’ve been doing it a lot together. You are the sexiest girl I’ve ever met, Rachel”

“Thanks, Alex. It’s flattering to hear you say that.”

“You deserve it. I really enjoy having sex with you. I know you feel the same.”

“You are right.”

Alex and Rachel lie down on the bed, taking the missionary position.

“Let’s start again, Rachel, because I can’t get enough of you.”

“Let’s, Alex.”

Alex enters her with ease, she is still very wet.

Rachel is moaning. Alex is feeling her wonderful body under him.

“Oooohhhh, ahhh, aahhh, ohhhh, ah, ahhhh, aaahhh, aaaaahhh.”

Rachel is starting to cum again. She is trembling.

“Ahhh, aahhh, ohhhh, aaahhh, aahhhh, ohhhh, aaaaahhh, aaaahhh, oooohhh.”

She is breathing hard. She is lying on her back, her legs are wide open, her pussy is still contracting. Alex decides to turn around and take her from the other side of the bed. She turns around and places her legs pointing towards him. Alex enters her easily again.

She feels it as something very familiar and pleasant. It’s been a long time since she had intense sex, and until now she realizes how much she needed it. Her day-to-day activities have kept her very busy, but she also needs to take time to enjoy herself with a good lover, and her friend Alex is a great fit.

She wants more. Rachel feels like she has never been so aroused and horny before. She looks at him and says, “I need more of you.”

Alex kisses her and starts to fuck her more intensely. Rachel is so turned on that her whole body is trembling, and she can’t think straight. The only thing that matters is Alex cock and how much pleasure it gives her.

Her moans increase and her hands clench the bed sheets, while her body shakes involuntarily.

As they fuck together, Alex couldn’t help but admire the way her body fit perfectly against his, like pieces of a puzzle that seamlessly came together. Her presence exuded confidence and self-assurance, making her beauty even more captivating.

Rachel’s physical appearance was a reflection of her adventurous spirit and her love for the wilderness. It was evident that she had embraced the ruggedness of the mountains, and her body spoke of the experiences and challenges she had conquered.

Her breasts were very soft and squishy. They were firm enough to have fun with her, and they would bounce so wonderfully when he would take them from the waist and push hard his dick inside her.

Alex’s mind was completely focused on Rachel. His body was ready for the climax. He looked at her and saw that her eyes were closed, her face flushed.

“You are so fucking hot babe.”

Rachel’s body trembles. She feels her orgasm approaching. Alex thrusts even harder into her. Rachel screams.

“Ahhhh. Yes! Oh god, yes!”

Her body is shaking uncontrollably and Alex’s cock keeps pumping and pumping, and she doesn’t stop cumming.

“Fuck, I’m cumming Alex. I’m cumming.”

Alex’s dick explodes in an orgasmic spasm, pumping his seed into her. Rachel feels it all inside her, filling her.

After what seems an eternity, Rachel collapses on the bed, unable to move. Alex falls on top of her, both exhausted.

Several minutes later, as Alex is still inside her, Rachel slowly opens her eyes and realizes that his cock is still inside her, still hard.

She smiles and says, “I wonder if you would have energy for the activity of tomorrow, it will be a long day climbing those mountains.”

“It depends if you are going to give me another piece of your amazing pussy,” replies Alex, with a big smile on his face.

Rachel giggles and says, “We have to wait a little bit. I guess the group will be arriving soon and we will need to dress.”

“I see,” says Alex, “but you know, I can’t wait until we are alone again, maybe we can have a last round of sex tonight.”

Rachel is a little surprised by his boldness, but she likes it. She smiles and says, “Maybe, but first I need to recover.”

Rachel sees him smiling and Alex moves his hips, trying to make a lazy doggystyle position. She tries to resist, but she is excited again.

“We better do this last one very quickly before the group arrives,” says Rachel.

Alex is already hard and Rachel’s pussy is also eager to please him.

“God, Rachel. You are so hot,” says Alex as he begins to fuck her again.

“I can feel you, you’re so hard babe.”

Rachel’s body trembles as she feels his cock inside her.

“Mmmm, oh god, I can feel your cock, Alex.”

Alex keeps going deeper and deeper, enjoying the warmth and softness of her pussy.

Rachel’s body is tensed and her hands clench the sheets again.

“You feel so good babe.”

While they focused on their pleasure, two camp members returned from their trek, they noticed a soft glow emanating from the window of the boot camp base. One of them was Dave, the guy who had a crush for Rachel. Curious, they approached cautiously and caught a glimpse of Alex and Rachel entwined together in a passionate embrace. He looked so strong dominating her from behind and she looked so beautiful with her eyes closed, enjoying the pleasure his dick was giving her. They saw his muscular ass pumping as his cock filled her pussy and they watched as his powerful muscles flexed as he drove himself into her again and again.

Dave could not believe his eyes and ears. He had fantasized about Rachel, but never had he imagined anything like this. Rachel was having sex with a guy that clearly was superior in both body and sexual performance. It was too much for Dave. He wanted to scream and shout. But he did not want to interrupt the couple and ruin their love making session. So, Dave quietly slipped away, not knowing what to do.

Whispers of conversation filled the air between the two onlookers, unsure of whether to leave or continue observing. They knew they should respect the privacy of their fellow campers, but the sight before them seemed to hold an unspoken allure that held them in place.

As the moments passed, the camp members began to feel a sense of guilt for intruding upon such a private moment. With a shared nod, they silently agreed to give Alex and Rachel their space. Slowly, they backed away from the window, making their way back to the campsite, leaving the couple undisturbed.

Alex and Rachel kept fucking with the same intensity as before.

Rachel felt his load being pumped into her and kept cumming, as if her body was being milked by Alex’s cock.

“Oh God, yes. I’m cumming. I’m cumming.”

Rachel’s moans could be heard throughout the cabin and Alex’s cock exploded, unleashing its cum deep inside her.

It was so good what happened between them that they forgot to dress and they fell asleep.

At some point Alex and Rachel opened their eyes and found themselves surrounded by a group that was watching them as they slept in each other’s arms.

“Oh my, you two are naughty,” says a blonde girl.

Alex and Rachel watched the group without flinching, both of whom were used to their careers being seen naked by many people.

“Sorry for intruding. We just came back from the hike and we need to use the room to sleep. We have to get up early tomorrow.,” said a tall man with red hair.

“We were a little tired because we had to walk faster than normal, we didn’t notice that you two were having your fun here.” said a petite girl.

Rachel and Alex smiled at the group.

“No problem. It’s time for all of us to go to sleep. Guys he is my friend Alex. As you can see, he is very special to me. We have known each other for a lot of years.”

“Hello, nice to meet you, guys” said Alex, still naked and with his dick still semi hard.

“Hi Alex…” said the blonde girl while she blushed and looked at his dick.

“It’s nice to meet you, Alex. We are a group of four friends. I’m Kelly, she is Jessica, he is Kevin and he is Dave” said the petite woman.

“Yes, we already met earlier…” said Dave.

“Oh, right…” said Alex.

“We will leave now. Sorry again for intruding.” said Dave.

“Guys, please help my friend Alex showng to him where he will sleep tonight,” said Rachel.

“We thought he would sleep here with you,” said Kevin.

“I’d love to, but knowing him, he would want to have sex with me again, and I never would say no to that.” said a smiling Rachel. “Maybe another night would be perfect, but tomorrow we must be at the hiking trail early in the morning.”

“No problem, we have other nights to do it,” said Alex.

The group agreed and the boys escorted Alex.

“Guys, do you know where I can take a shower?” asked Alex while he put his pants on.

“I’ll take you, follow me,” said Kevin.

“Thanks. I need a good shower.”

Alex finished dressing and led them out of the room while the girls stayed with Rachel. Closing the door, Alex overheard one of them ask Rachel the question that had been on everyone’s mind.

“Your friend has a huge gun between his legs. How does it feel to have sex with someone like that?”

Alex grinned as he listened.

“I don’t know what to say…” Rachel said. “He’s my friend. You guys are like sisters to me. I’m not sure if I should tell you.

“Come on, tell us,” they coaxed.

“Well… ok… It was great,” Rachel said. “Amazing, actually. Alex knows how to treat a woman. I was treated like a goddess in his arms.”

“You guys had sex the whole day? Some of the guys said he arrived early” a girl friend asked.

“No,” Rachel said. “We only had sex for four hours. But on previous occasions we have lasted longer. The last time we saw each other we did it all night.”

Alex was with the guys outside and they were curious too.

“Dude, you are a hero, you know?” said the guy with the cap.

“What? Why?” Alex replied.

“Dave and one of the girls saw what you and Rachel were doing earlier through the window”.

“Really?” Alex said, surprised.

“Yes, really. Dave is pretty jealous because Rachel has chosen you over him. You are a lucky man.” the guy said.

“I guess so.” said Alex.

Alex had no idea how jealous and envious Dave was. He wanted Rachel, and he wanted her badly.

“Don’t feel bad Dave. Rachel and I are long time friends and we have this deal since a lot of years ago” Alex told Dave, but it didn’t make him feel better.

“Hey, dude, don’t worry. We are cool.” Dave said to Alex, but the anger was in his eyes.

“Look Dave, you look like a good guy. So, I want to tell you something” Alex said, while he put a hand on Dave’s shoulder. “Rachel is an amazing woman, but you have to know that she is not a girl you can easily tame. She has a free spirit, and if you try to own her, you are going to lose her, just like that.”

Dave listened carefully. He didn’t reply.

“Do you understand what I’m saying?” Alex continued.

“I guess so.” replied the man, trying to hide his anger.

“I know you may feel jealous but believe me, I know her pretty well. Don’t get mad for nothing. She is not your girlfriend, just be her friend and she will feel very comfortable with you.” Alex said, while he patted him.

“What about you? What are you for her?” asked Dave.

“I’m just her fuck buddy. Nothing serious.” answered Alex.

“Fuck buddy? Wow.” said the guy in a low voice.

“That’s what I do with her.” Alex said, proudly.

“So, you two fuck other people? Like, you can sleep with other girls and she can do the same with other guys?”

“That’s the deal.” replied Alex.

“Wow.” said the guy.

“Maybe you can be the guy who can hold her hand, I don’t mind. I know she may like that. As for me, I’m the one she needs when she wants someone who stretch her pussy, and fill it tight. Are we cool?” said Alex, offering a hand to Dave.

Dave looked at Alex. He couldn’t deny that he is a good looking guy. Tall and well-built, but he couldn’t accept that he can have sex with Rachel any time he wants.

“Dave, you must accept that Alex is the man that Rachel needs.” said the guy with the cap. “You know that she can’t stand a guy who can’t give her what she wants. Don’t be an idiot and be her friend, just like that.”

Dave thought for a while, and finally shook Alex’s hand. He had the hope that maybe one day he could be the man for Rachel. He will be the man she can trust. The man who is strong, confident and reliable. The kind of man that women fall for.

“Good to know you are cool with that.” said Alex. “If you need help to hook up with some hot chick, don’t hesitate to ask. I can be your wingman.”

“Ok, dude, I would appreciate that. Thanks.” Dave replied.

Alex and the guys walked away. He took a shower and later, he dressed. It was past 10 PM and he felt pretty tired.

“Time to sleep.” he thought.

As the night wore on, they all settled into their beds, ready to rest after a day filled with adventure and unexpected encounters. The mountains had a way of bringing people together, and the campers knew that their journey was just beginning.