Minotaur Maze

Just a city girl: ft Natalie Shuffle

“So tell me, how is the life in the countryside?” Natalie asked while Alex was staring at her boobs. She met him outside the souvenir shop and thought he was a cowboy. What she didn’t know is that he was also a tourist like her. Alex, faced with such a hottie flirting with him, decided to play along.

“It’s amazing, I think you will like it too, the fresh air, the good food, and the sex. “

Natalie blushed at the mention of sex. “Really? Sex with whom?”

“The locals.” Alex replied and Natalie blushed.

“Tell me more, I’m all ears.”

“They’re nice people, they really care about each other. They respect one another. They show love in their everyday lives. It’s really a sight to behold. They care about each other a lot.”

“Is it true that country men are stronger and rougher in bed?” asked Natalie and Alex smirked.

“Why don’t you try and see it yourself?”

“Really? Is that a proposal? Or a dare?”

“Take it as you want.”

“I accept the dare, take me to your farm, I’m dying to know what you are talking about.”

Alex’s tour was going to end in an hour and after that the bus would return to the city. If he was going to fuck her it had to be near there and where no one could bother them. Alex remembered that when they arrived with his group there was an empty parking area with a few trucks parked.

“Let’s go there.” Alex said and Natalie smiled.

They walked to the parking lot, the sun was setting, and nobody was around.

“This is not your farm” said Natalie.

“This is better” replied Alex.

“I hope it is.”

“Come with me” Alex said and grabbed her hand and led her to a pickup truck.

“Is this yours?”

“Yeah… have you ever did it in a pickup before?”

“Never…” Natalie replied.

“It’s fun. I’ll show you”

Natalie smiled and began to remove her bra that barely covered her huge breasts. She was now half naked.

“You have a beautiful pair” said Alex.

“Thanks. Now, show me what you can do cowboy.”

Both started to kiss, and to touch each other. They made out, their hands were all over each other, and their lips locked together. Their hands touched each other’s skin, she lowered her hand to Alex’s crotch and felt a huge package, very hard. It was like Alex had an old .36 caliber Colt stashed in there. She worried asked him:

“Do you carry a gun with you?”

“Just my dick.”

“But it feels so hard…”

“That’s just because you’re so damn hot.”

Natalie smiled and took off her shorts, revealing her shaven pussy.

“Now I’m naked, what are you waiting for, cowboy? Fuck me”

“Gladly” said Alex and pulled down his pants and boxers. Indeed, what he had there was not a weapon but a huge penis.

“Wow, you’re packing.”

“Let me show you what I can do.”

Alex picked up Natalie and placed her lying down in the back of the truck. He climbed on top of her and spread her legs. She was slim and it looked like she had a small and tight pussy. That didn’t stop to Alex who inserted his cock slowly into her vagina. Natalie felt it and moaned.

“Oh god, you are bigger than all my roomies!” she said with a wide smile on her face.

“I’m glad to hear that.”

Natalie and Alex started to fuck, the pickup was moving a bit since it was a 4WD vehicle, but the experience was amazing. Natalie enjoyed being fucked in the countryside and it seemed that Alex was enjoying it too, because he was thrusting hard, and holding her legs with both arms.

“Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me cowboy!” said Natalie and Alex fucked her harder.

They both continued fucking, the truck was moving, Natalie was moaning and Alex was thinking he only had 1 hour to bang this hottie. How many times could he penetrate her in that time? There was no time to lose.

“You are a real cowgirl!” said Alex and Natalie laughed.

“You’re an awesome cowboy!” she replied.

Little by little, Natalie’s vagina began to stretch and get used to the size of Alex’s member. There came a time when the cock entered comfortably and she began to moan louder with pleasure. Alex, on his side, was getting turned on and wanted to last as much as he could. For sure he could keep the erection for one hour non stop.

Alexus Minotaur and Natalie Shuffle have sexual relations.

“I’m getting close!” Natalie yelled.

“Me too!”

“Do it inside me!”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure, fuck me, cum inside me!”

“Alright, alright, alright”

Alex fucked her hard, he felt his cock getting harder and harder and his balls were getting tighter. It was the time.

“Here it comes, Natalie!”

“Do it!”

“AAAAAARGHHH!” Alex yelled as he released his semen inside Natalie’s vagina.

“AAAAAAAHHHH!” Natalie yelled, it was the first time she had sex with an “extra large” guy. His ex boyfriend was fine, and her roomates were ok to kill the boredom but nothing special.

“This was great. I had a lot of fun.” said Natalie.

“So did I. I hope you liked the place”

“Oh, I loved it, and I loved the sex too.”

“I’m glad you did.”

“Well, I have to go” said Natalie.

“Wait, we still have half hour”

“For what?”

“Oh… nevermind” said Alex and without take it off he started to push it again inside her.

“OMG, you still are hard!” Natalie said surprised.

“Of course I am, you’re so damn sexy” said Alex and continued to fuck her.

“You are something, really something” she replied and both went at it.

Alex lifted her up in his arms and pulled her against him. He had her cock buried inside her and he wasn’t going to get it out until the hour was up.

“I’m so wet” said Natalie and Alex smiled.

“That’s good, that’s a sign of how much you love my cock.”

“Yes, I do”

Alex and Natalie kept fucking and fucking, He was close to cumming again and she wasn’t that far too.

“Wait! before you release it again, I want you take me by behind” said Natalie.

“Oh, naughty girl” said Alex and smiled.

She turned her back on Alex and he got a sight of her nice ass. He put her on the back and took his cock out, Natalie was on her fours, her face was on the edge of the truck and her ass was waiting for the cock. Alex only wanted to cum again into her vagina, he didn’t mind to fuck her ass, but since they were doing it witout a condom, he chose the pussy again. He penetrated her and her pussy was once more filled with his dick.

“Oooohhhh… fuck my pussy” Natalie said.

“With pleasure” said Alex and fucked her hard.

He grabbed her ass, and spread her butt cheeks to have a better view of his cock entering and leaving her vagina.

“Oh god, this is amazing” said Natalie.

“Fuck yeah, baby, I’m gonna fill you with my cum” said Alex and both fucked for half hour non stop.

Natalie’s pussy was getting tight and Alex was close to cum.

“I’m getting there!” said Natalie.

“Me too, just a few minutes” said Alex.

“Then cum! Do it! I want your cum!”


“Fill me! Cum inside me!”

“Alright alright”

“AAAAAHHHH!” Alex yelled as he came into her pussy. It felt so good to fill her vagina. In fact it’s one of the favorite activities of Alex.

“AAAAHHHH!” Natalie yelled and came at the same time.

Alex ended up filling her completely. A satisfied smile painted his face. Natalie was breathing heavily and felt the warm semen of Alex running down her inner thighs.

“How was it?”

“You are the best guy I have ever had” she replied.

“I’m glad.”

“Thank you, this was awesome”

“For me too”

Alex checked around and saw people walking toward the tour bus. They were the last ones.

“We have to go, I have to come back to my farm.”

“Already? I wish we could fuck more.”

“Hmmm, why don’t you give me your number and I can visit you in the city?”

“Alright” Natalie replied and wrote her number on a piece of paper.

“Here you go. Give me a call when you are back at home.”


Alex and Natalie dressed up and and while Natalie was going back to her car, Alex sneaked out to his bus just before it left.

“You narrowly missed the bus, where were you?” asked the guide.

“Oh, living the experience of being a cowboy,” Alex said with a smile as he leaned his head out the window.