I sat next to her and we talked about the old days. I tried to be relaxed, but it was distracting to have Rachel's huge bare breasts only inches from me. I was trying to think of other things, but my mind kept telling me that I should fuck her hard.


She noticed the bulge beginning to peek out from above the towel.

"I see you're glad to see me, dear friend. Why don't you take off your towel to make yourself more comfortable?" Rachel said.

I did as I was told, revealing my erect cock. My hard dick seemed to be getting bigger with every second that passed.


It's good to see that your cock still stiff and healthy.


Thank you, I try to keep it in shape.


Oh yes? And what do you feed him, horny 21-year-old girls?


I prefer experienced women like you.


Good answer.

Rachel said as she began to stroke my cock slowly while looking into my eyes. She looked so sexy doing it that I just couldn't help but start thrusting involuntarily.


It feels good having it in my hand!

Rachel continued stroking my penis as she whispered. "Do you let me taste it?"


Yes! Please do!

She took her mouth away for a moment then placed the tip of her tongue on my dickhead and gently licked the very bottom part of it. Then, she started licking all around my shaft as well as down towards my balls.


" taste so delicious. You must really be taking good care of this beautiful tool!

The feeling was indescribable. Rachel's warm lips and her soft saliva felt amazing against the skin of my cock.


You've got a great cock. Very nice and thick too.

Rachel kept stroking my cock as she sucked and licked it. She then went back to sucking my dick again.

Rachel kept sucking my cock for a while, she was really enjoying it as her head moved up and down fast, I could see her eyes roll into the back of her head and all I wanted was to cum in her mouth, but no. I had to control myself. My goal was much more ambitious: I aimed to fill her vagina with my huge fat cock and release all of my sperm inside her pussy.

My god, she was so hot! It was almost unbearable watching this beautiful woman suck my dick. She looked like she was having fun, which made me even hornier.


What would you like me to do next?


I want you to ride on top of me to fuck your pussy.


Very well, but make sure not to cum before we're done. I want you to savor every second of the pleasure.

She then took off her thong and straddled my legs.


Ready for some fun?

She immediately put her hands behind my head and kissed me passionately while sliding her wet slit along my dick. The sensation was incredible. Her body was perfect.


So good...mmm...

It took a moment for the head of my cock to enter her vagina, but she finally gave way to my hardened member.

Rachel: good!

My cock was completely buried in her moist pussy. I could see her face flush red and her eyes roll up as I shoved my proud 9 inches of meat into her.

We stayed there for a few seconds before she pulled up and began riding my cock. It seemed like she took a moment to process what she was feeling.


Ohh...that feels even better than last time we did it!

I looked down and watched her juicy pussy slide back and forth over my shaft. Her eyes were closed in bliss as she rode me.


Are you enjoying yourself?


Oh yes...this is so much better than I expected! Your cock feels so good inside me!

We fucked in that position for about 40 minutes.

I felt her vagina tighten and I knew she was about to come. To feel me more intensely, she stood on her feet and squatted down, bouncing on my cock with force. My penis was rock hard and I entered her mercilessly.


I'm coming ohhh!

Just then she screamed out and the orgasm ripped through her entire body. I could feel the juices of her vagina flow down over my shaft.

She fell on top of me while breathing heavily. How I was enjoying having Rachel like this!

Her screams drew the attention of her friends who were out drinking beer. We had completely forgotten that they were there!

There were 2 girls and a guy who were attentively watching everything that just happened. They were very interested in what they were seeing.

"Holy shit, they look hot," one of the girls said.

"Should we move?" said the guy.

"Nah, I'm sure they know that we see them and they want to give us a good show. If we stop looking and walk away, we would put them to shame. Let's see how this ends." the other girl said.

They stayed where they were, watching with amazement.


Oh look, the curtain is open, they could see us from outside. Wait until I close it, don't move.

They had already seen everything. What was the point of closing the curtain now?

I got up from the bed and went after Rachel, hugging her from behind.


What do you do?


Let them have fun too. And if they don't like it, they'll go to sleep.



I took Rachel and lifted her up. I took her back to bed.

"Good luck champ, bring some joy to our Rachel," said one of the girls as she smiled mischievously.

The guys laughed, probably thinking that this was funny. But I didn't care. I wanted to give Rachel a good time.

I laid her on the bed with her legs spread, ready to penetrate her. I had my cock hard as a rock again. The idea of having a joyful audience that wanted to see our performance excited me.


It looks so huge from here, yummy!

I moved my cock toward her opening and gently pressed it against her. She groaned loudly.


Ohhhhhh! That feels so good, Alex!


Is this how you want me?


Yes! I want you to thrust deep inside me until you fill my pussy with your seed.

I started moving my cock in and out of her pussy as she gasped loudly. I could feel her pussy muscles clamp down around my cock and milk it.


Oh! God yes!

Her tits were jiggling wildly as we fucked. My balls slapped against her ass cheeks making her squeal in delight. Her face was flushed with passion and her eyes were wild with lust.

"Fuck me Alex!" She yelled, slamming herself down hard onto my cock.

"Wow, those 2 are really horny. Look how they fuck" said the boy who was watching from outside.

"I think it's nice that someone likes you so much. Especially if he's a handsome guy with a good body" said one of the girls.

"I don't know. I'm tired of relationships, but I suppose that given an opportunity like this, I would take it" replied the other.

I was deep inside Rachel's wet pussy when I felt her start to cum. I pulled her down hard onto me and held her tight, our bodies shaking together as I came too. We kissed passionately, both of us gasping for air after our intense fucking.


Fuck me, Alex, I'm going to come!

I pressed my cock into her as deep as I could, and held it there, pressing firmly against her cervix.


"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhh! I'm coming!!!

I continued to press firmly against her, not allowing her to pull away, and with a loud moan, I let loose with my load inside her.


Ohhhhhhh! Yes! Oh my god! You are coming tooooooo

I pumped her pussy full of my sperm, causing her to experience one hell of an orgasm.


Ohhh myyyy godddd, you have no idea how much I needed this, Alex


I needed it too. I wanted to fuck you very badly for a long time.

A fourth colleague of Rachel's came out of her room, wanting to know where the screaming was coming from.

Unlike her first 3 friends, she didn't bother to be discreet. She took the phone from her and began to record our show.

"You guys look great together. I hope you don't mind me recording this" she said.

"Not at all, I'm glad you like the show," I told her.

Rachel saw the girl filming us and turned towards her. She smiled and waved, then made a sign with her hand. The girl nodded and did something with her phone.

I was curious.

"What did you told her?"

Rachel answered smiling: "I asked her to get a good angle of us"

I laughed. "I thought I was retired from appear in porn films, and here I am, fucking for the camera with one of the most desired porn stars."

Rachel smiled. "It's not a bad life when you can choose who to sleep with, right?"

"Yes that was my life the last 12 years".

After that short conversation I took her by the waist and pulled her against me. My cock still was inside her pussy, and I could feel it pulsing inside her. I couldn't help but grin.

She closed her eyes and let out a long sigh, as if she was enjoying the sensation of being held by me.

"'re such a bad boy, Alex," she murmured, running her fingers through my hair.

She giggled and looked at me, while my cock was drilling her again. "You know what I love about you? You always let me finish first, no matter how many times we've had sex."

"That's my motto. You should read it, it's on my profile" I joked.

She giggled again. "Don't be silly. I'm not going to read your profile, I already know everything there is to know about you."

Her smile grew wider as she said that.

Despite coming inside her a few minutes ago, I was ready for the next round. I started to poke and poke my cock, pushing it hard inside her.

The girl outside was filming and making a closeup of my dick entering her pussy, every time I thrust in.

After a long time I felt at home again.

"Yeah baby, fuck me! Fuck me, I'm all yours!!!"

Rachel screamed, pushing her pussy against me, as I fucked her hard.

"Oh god, I'm cumming again!" she cried out, her whole body tensed, her teeth clenched shut.

I held on to her tightly and kept pounding her pussy. I could feel her pussy contract around my cock, milking it. I could hear her heavy breathing as she came.

"Oh fuck yes..."

I pressed myself hard into her, grunting as I shot my load inside her pussy. It was a lot, and I felt my cock twitch as I felt my orgasm approaching.

After a few moments I stopped and rolled over, pulling Rachel with me.

That was fabulous, and we should sleep now. But the girl outside still had a battery on her phone. We had to seize the moment.

I don't remember how much longer we did it, but we fell asleep.

Next day when I opened my eyes, I was alone in the room.

All I found was a note written by Rachel.

"To Alex: Thanks for a great night. You're awesome. I really enjoyed it. Hope to see you soon.
P.S: I’ll send you the URL of the video soon, so you can always think of me."

Dr. Gessmann:

Very interesting. But why are you telling me this, what's relevant about it?


Well, it was you who asked me what I did a year ago.

Dr. Gessmann:

It's true, I thought that this event had led you to some kind of reflection.


What do you mean?

Dr. Gessmann:

Look, this isn't the first story you've told that involves you in sexual activity with some beautiful woman. Don't you think there's a pattern here? A pattern that monopolizes all your conversations.


What do you mean?

Dr. Gessmann:

Well, I think it's very obvious you are having a problem with women. You have this obsession with women in the adult movie industry.


I'm not intentionally looking for them to happen. They just appear on my way and I say yes

Dr. Gessmann:

Are you telling me that you walk calmly with your life and out of nowhere women offer themselves to you? As if it were the plot of a porn movie but happening in reality?


Yes, that's what I say. I suppose that I'm just lucky.

Dr. Gessmann:

Luckiness has nothing to do with this subject, Alex. How can you claim luck when it comes to sex?


Don't you think it's strange that all these beautiful girls come to me and tend to take the first step?

Dr. Gessmann:

Well, something similar happens with rock stars and professional athletes. they always have women at their disposal because of the attraction they generate.


So if that's true, why are you telling me that I'm the one obsessed with them? Wouldn't it be the other way around?

Dr. Gessmann:

I say this because, in a normal situation, your active sex life should not interfere with other aspects of your life. But we've already seen you get suspended from your job and sent here with me for sleeping with 12 of your clients in the last year. Could it be that perhaps your fantasies are beginning to dominate you and you don't know when to stop?


Why would you think so? Don't you believe I'm able to control myself?

Dr. Gessmann:

Of course I do. But Alex, you're not a normal person. You have to admit it. You live a double life and you need help. That's why you were called here and that's why I want to help you.


I admit that it was unprofessional of me to have slept with those 12 clients. But as I already told you, they are the ones who insinuate themselves, and I end up giving in. Ok, maybe that's my fault.

Dr. Gessmann:

Yes, but what you need to realize is that you cannot continue this behavior. It's dangerous and could affect your mental health. We've got to find a better way for you to channel all that energy you're using on all those women.

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