Minotaur Maze

The match – ft Jinxy

In a previous post, I was checking the features of the new social network Thundr, which promises to be the Tinder of Second Life. What I didn’t expect was how fast I would get results.

One match in particular caught my attention. Her name was Jinxy. She was the typical woman with a lifestyle that 99% of men cannot afford: she liked shopping in luxury stores, driving sports cars and attending parties in mansions.

Why would I have a match with her? I don’t like to lie or exaggerate about myself. In my profile it appears that I’m a photographer, enjoy traveling around the world, and I work in a gym. It’s not something that would particularly appeal to this type of woman.

I decided to go ahead with this, and we struck up a conversation. Things went well, and we arranged to see each other. She would come to my apartment in an hour.

They called me from the lobby to tell me that she had arrived. She entered the apartment and was just as she appeared in her photos: a platinum blonde with great curves, wide lips and some touch-ups, just like the barbies that millionaires enjoy having at their high-society parties.

She had a blouse with a plunging neckline that could barely contain her enormous breasts, which probably were made by the most exclusive and expensive surgeon in town. Her tight miniskirt revealed very long legs that ended in some nice high-heeled shoes. I’d bet it cost more than all the photographic equipment I’d been able to get in all my years of business.

She entered with a firm step and began to check my entire home from top to bottom as doing an evaluation to give her approval. She looked me up and down and said, not bad.

She asked if I had anything to drink, and this is what happened then.