Minotaur Maze

The swimmer: Ft Sloan Renner

On a balmy summer night, Sloan found herself enjoying a refreshing swim in the luxurious pool of a high-end hotel. The moon’s soft glow reflected on the water’s surface, creating an enchanting atmosphere. Unbeknownst to her, Alex, a charming and slightly cheeky guest, was relaxing by the poolside, captivated by Sloan’s beauty and grace in the water.

Alex: (smirking) “Quite the impressive swimmer you are.”

Sloan: (laughing) “Well, thank you. You seem to be quite the observer.”

Alex: (playfully) “Oh, guilty as charged. What can I say? I can’t resist the allure of an elegant swim.”

Sloan felt a spark of chemistry between them, and the initial suspicion she had of Alex seemed to fade away. Instead, she found herself drawn to his charming demeanor and sense of humor.

As Sloan climbed out of the pool, her bikini clinging to her with a few drops of water still glistening on her skin, Alex couldn’t help but appreciate the sight. He offered her a sly smile as she walked over to him.

Alex: “Would you mind some company?”

Sloan: (smirking) “I suppose not, as long as you don’t mind a little competition. Care to race me?”

Alex: (laughing) “Oh, I must warn you, I might have a bit of an advantage on dry land.”

Their playful banter continued as they decided to take a stroll around the hotel grounds. Alex, ever the charmer, suggested a “private tour” of the most exclusive suite, but it turned out to be just his standard room. Sloan played along, pretending to be impressed.

Sloan: (teasingly) “Oh, quite the luxury suite you’ve got here.”

Alex: (grinning) “Well, I aim to please. But believe me, the real luxury is the company I’m keeping.”

Sloan: (blushing) “You really know how to make a girl feel special.”

As they made their way back to the room, Alex offered to use his shower to clean up. Sloan was glad to have the opportunity to freshen up, but when she came out of the shower, she noticed there were not towels for her to dry herself. She asked Alex where she could find a towel and he answered that there were none.

Alex: “I’m sorry, the cleaning service took all this morning, but don’t worry. I’ll call now and have some towels delivered to my room.”

Sloan: “Ok! But thanks.”

Sloan felt a little uncomfortable, she stayed in the bathroom naked and waiting for the towels, but after a few minutes she decided to go out. When she opened the door, she found Alex sitting on the bed without shorts and wearing some tight underwear. He was surprised that she had gone out naked, without even trying to hide her breasts.

Alex: “Do you have something against putting a shirt on?”

Sloan: (blushing) “Sorry, but I thought a man like you was used to seeing naked women… Are you a virgin? if that’s so, I can go back…”

Alex: (smirking) “A man like me? hehe, what do you mean with that?”

Sloan: “Oh, come on… we both know why I’m here. You must have seen lots of naked women, but now that I’m here, I don’t feel comfortable being the only one naked.”

Alex: (smirking) “Hehe, is that so?”

Sloan gets closer to Alex and touches his chest.

Sloan: “Look, you know what you want, and I’m happy to give it to you, but you have to be honest. Is this just a one night stand?”

Alex: (gazing at Sloan’s cleavage) “Well, first I’m not a virgin, second I don’t mind see you naked, it’s a pleasure, so, yes, you’re right. This is a one night stand.”

Sloan: (smiling) “Well, good.”

Alex: (smirking) “I guess a girl like you wouldn’t have many problems getting laid, I’m sure you’re used to men making crazy offers and proposals.”

Sloan: “Oh, no, no, I’m just looking for a fun time, not a permanent partner.”

Alex: (smirking) “Good, because I wouldn’t be interested in that.”

Sloan: (laughing) “Yeah, right.”

Alex: “But I do like to have fun, and I love the way you swim.”

Sloan: “Why, thank you, but you have no idea how many compliments I get.”

Alex: (gazing at Sloan’s cleavage) “And I bet you deserve every single one.”

Sloan: (smiling) “You really are a sweet talker.”

Alex: “Not at all, but I can’t help noticing you’re a very good-looking woman.”

Alex and Sloan were staring into each other’s eyes, feeling an instant chemistry between them. Sloan was captivated by the way Alex smiled at her, and his playful attitude had already charmed her. He hugged her from behind, rubbing his crotch on her ass, and his hands caressed her belly and chest. Sloan noticed the huge bulge in Alex’s shorts and wondered what he had between them.

Sloan: (teasingly) “Oh, look what we have here.”

Alex: (grinning) “Hehe, I know what I have here, but do you?”

Sloan: “Well, not yet, but I’d like to have a better look.”

Alex: (smirking) “Oh, yes, by all means.”

Alex took off his underwear revealing a huge cock, 9 or 10 inches long, with a fat head. Sloan was surprised, she never saw one as big as that, and it was definitely a new experience.

Sloan: (gazing at Alex’s cock) “Wow, that’s impressive.”

Alex: “Thank you, I hope you like it.”

Sloan: (smiling) “Well, yes, but a little nervous, too.”

Alex: (smirking) “That’s ok, if you want, I can help you relax. We will go slow and try only the tip…”

Sloan: (laughing) “Hehe, I’m not sure if I want to do that.”

Alex: (smiling) “Oh, come on, I’ll be gentle.”

Sloan: (smiling) “No, I mean, I don’t want only the tip. You have the biggest cock I ever saw, I want it all. I’m not gonna miss this experience.”

Alex: (smirking) “Hehe, good choice.”

Sloan lays on the bed and spreads her legs inviting Alex to have a taste of her. She notices that his cock is pointing upwards, and has a small vein running from the base to the tip. Alex kneels between her legs and looks at her pussy, she’s shaved except for a thin line of hair starting just above her pussy. He can smell her arousal, she’s very wet.

Sloan: “You’re the first one who’s seen my pussy since I got divorced, I’m glad you like it.”

Alex: (smirking) “Mmm, yes, I do like it.”

Alex pulls them down her thighs and uses his thumbs to spread her pussy, the lips are slightly pink and engorged. Sloan moans with pleasure, and spreads her legs a little more. He aims his cock and rubs the tip along her slit, leaving a trail of pre-cum. She can feel his warm fluid oozing out and coating her pussy, and her lips swell with blood as they begin to swell. Sloan lets out a loud moan of pleasure.

Alex: (smiling) “Mmm, does it feel good?”

Sloan: (moaning) “Oh, yeah! You’re a tease.”

Alex: “Hehe, a little teasing is good.”

Alex finally pushes the tip inside, and Sloan grabs the sheets tightly.

Sloan: “Oh, fuck!”

Alex: (smiling) “Is it ok?”

Sloan: “Yes! You’re fucking huge!”

Alex: (smirking) “Mmm, thanks.”

Sloan: (smiling) “No, seriously, it’s been a while, I can feel your cock.”

Alex: (smiling) “Yeah? That’s great.”

He pushes the rest of his shaft inside and Sloan’s legs start to tremble. She’s so tight it hurts, but the pleasure is incredible. Alex keeps a slow and steady rhythm, letting her pussy adjust to his size.

Sloan: “Oh, God, that’s good!”

Alex: (smirking) “Yes, it’s great. You feel so good around me.”

Sloan: (moaning) “You’re so big!”

Alex: (smiling) “Is this what you’re looking for?”

Sloan: (smiling) “Mm, yes, and so much more.”

Alex: (smiling) “It’s a pleasure.”

Sloan was soaking wet, she had never felt such pleasure before, the way Alex fucked her was unbelievable. He had great control, and he was very attentive. He could tell when he needed to go faster and slower, and how to maximize her pleasure. They changed positions a few times, and soon he was fucking her doggy style and Sloan was bracing herself against the headboard. The sight of her beautiful ass bouncing up and down with his cock pumping her pussy made Alex even more excited, he grabbed her ass cheeks and spanked them. Later she ride his cock reverse cowgirl, and the way he was staring at her made her feel like the sexiest woman in the world.

Alex: “Oh, yeah, ride me like that. You’re so gorgeous.”

Sloan: “Fuck me! Harder, please! Fuck me harder!”

By this time of the night Alex is no longer holding back and he is fucking her very hard. Alex grabs her hips and he thrusts hard inside her, causing her to scream and moan in pleasure. Alex says “I want to cum inside you.” Sloan doesn’t answer, but the way she squeezes his cock says she is ok with it. Sloan screams in pleasure, and Alex can feel his cock sliding over her clit and going deeper inside her pussy.

Sloan: “Oh, yeah, right there, oh, yeah, oh, yeah, yes, yes, yesss!!!

Sloan was cumming very hard, and Alex’s cock kept throbbing and pumping her pussy, her orgasm extended and became almost unbearable. As the last wave of pleasure passed through her body, Alex started cumming, his cock pulsated and released his load, his cum was so hot and thick and Sloan felt every single drop as it shot into her pussy.

Alex: “Oh, shit!”

Sloan: (panting) “Oh, fuck, that was the best!”

Alex: “Yes, it was.”

Sloan was completely exhausted. Her body was trembling and she was trying to catch her breath. Alex looked at her with a proud smirk, she was sweaty and panting, her pussy was covered with his cum, and she was exhausted, but she had never looked sexier. He was happy that he had managed to please her, he was even happier that he was able to make her cum like that, it had been a while since he last came that much.

Sloan began to drift off to sleep from all the dopamine and oxytocin her body was releasing. When she suddenly remembered something that jolted her awake.

Sloan: “Oh, no! I have to go! I have a meeting this morning!”

It was six o’clock in the morning. They had inadvertently been having sex all night and the morning had surprised them.

Sloan: “My husband… Well, my ex husband will be looking for me soon.”

Alex: (smirking) “Oh, I’m sorry.”

Sloan: “Hey, it’s not your fault, and it was really fun! If I didn’t have to sign those divorce papers, I’d stay here with you.

Alex: “Well, if you ever come back, I’m here.”

Sloan: (smiling) “Thank you.”

Sloan gave him a passionate kiss and went to the bathroom to take a shower. This time, the service room knocked on the door and the service guy gave Alex three towels, he apologized for the delay and left. Alex went to the bathroom to take a shower himself and joined Sloan in the shower. They had a quickie there and left. Sloan ran to the lobby where her ex husband was waiting. She smiled, because she was still in the glow of her orgasm.

The ex: (suspiciously) “You look different today.”

Sloan: “Well, I had a great night, and I didn’t realize how late it was. Let’s start this meeting.”

The ex: “Ok, but don’t you want to have breakfast?”

Sloan: (smiling) “Ok, let’s go. I’m hungry!”

They were in a corner of the dinner room, the ex was talking about all the legal details while Sloan still was thinking about how her pussy still was sore because of the big piece she devoured, but not really caring. Both signed the papers and while the ex finished his coffee, Alex approached the table.

Alex: “Hello. I don’t want to bother you two, but I work for the hotel offering private tours. Would you join me? It’s free for our guests”

The ex: “Hmmm I’m not a guest and my wife… well, ex wife is not interested.”

Sloan: “I’m interested, how long does it take?”

Alex: “It’s a full day tour. Can be a very strenuous activity.”

Sloan: (smiling) “I’m up for a challenge.”

The ex: (angry) “Look, I’m not sure if…

Sloan: “Well, honey, I have to leave now. Thanks for the breakfast.

Sloan stands up and leaves with Alex. The ex is left dumbfounded.

Alex and Sloan return to the room, and as they close the door, Alex places a “do not disturb” sign on the door. They have a lot of business to deal with for the rest of the day.