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For the ones who don’t know me, I’m an experienced citizen of this metaverse since 2008. It’s not my first blog, and I’ve made a name in the adult industry for a lot of time.

I don’t want to bore you with the details of what a male adult performer does on set with the most gorgeous and sexiest females. There’s a lot of documentation regarding that.

I will summarize it by saying that my work tried to make a positive change here with doses of creativity and humor.

So why we are here?

There was a point where I thought that I was doing the same again and again. I needed some change, so I took a break. That time helped me to view new horizons and grow outside of the industry.

After some years of absence, I decided that it was time to come back and implement some ideas I had on my mind.

I like to believe that I’m a new Alex: more reflexive and maybe wiser. Under that new view, I want to transmit my reflections about the metaverse, a world that still is rich in experiences with endless possibilities.

What will you find here?

Travel experiences, review of products, reflections, and of course adult stories. So be aware of that if you are sensible with the topics.

Thanks, and enjoy it.

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