Tiffani T. Topaz

Living the dream of being molded into the perfect Busty Bimbo Doll.

Hi there, I’m Tiffani! And yes, you are not mistaking. That girl you’ve watched many times on the screen, is here! My porn carrier started a little while ago. I guess you are aware that I’m blonde, have blue eyes and large breasts, as you may have read many times. They are “bigger” in person. Of course my pretty face can be charming enough to convince anyone of my fantasies and naughtiness, I do get along with everybody, always kind and gentle. And the fact I like being naked doesn’t hurt the matter.


Tiffani having sexual relations with Alexus
Receiving a generous piece of meat from my intimate friend Alex

I love men, and men can’t resist this beauty. And they can have the same treat, but remember: you can watch, but not touch!

In this portfolio you can see some of my adventures with my dear and sexy friend Alex: he is a wonderful sex performer, and always a gentleman and fun. He has the habit of giving me treats and make me satisfied. We like sharing our intimate details. Enjoy, and feel free to talk to me inworld, or spoil me with a generous donation. I always like to thank those who encourage my projects!

At the studio with Tiffani

“Thanks for inviting me Tiff, This studio looks really nice” said Alex while he was looking around at all the lights and cameras. “Thank you Alex, You deserve it, I...

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