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SLAM – Bunk Bed

When you are young and you like to travel, you look for ways to save money. One of them is usually staying in hostels. They are the perfect space for young people: they are cheap, they have parties and you meet a lot of interesting people. The only problem is that in most cases you […]

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::DisturbeD:: naked girls

I bet it has ever happened to you: you leave very happy from your first routine in the gym or the pool, and you go to the showers to take a good shower. You are distracted thinking about your things, you open the door and in front of you there is a crowd of women

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::DisturbeD:: Beach characters

If you are a photographer in Second Life like me, you would know that something key for your shootings are the details: nice locations, furniture, clothes and of course props! Sometimes those props can be people on the background just walking by. Not always you would get people wanting to pose as extras for your

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Thundr – a dating Hud

Second Life is a world full of possibilities. From my own experience, I see that wanting to socialize has always been one of the main drivers. The vast majority of people want to meet others and share, so any tool that helps is always welcome. This is where Thundr comes in. What is Thundr? In

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.::THOR::.. Rustic Breakfast

There are days when you wake up not wanting to do anything. That is why a good breakfast is key, like the ones offered by Andraus Thor. This time you can see the Rustic Breakfast set. It was originally part of a gacha. But now you can get the full set in their store. That

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dby decor – MyPad Pro

Debora Stine is a talented designer in RL who likes to apply her talent in SL through the devices she creates. You can appreciate her art in this collection of gadgets belonging to the MyPad series. In this pic you can see the MyPad Pro Silver (this one includes a Mypad Pencil and MyAirPods Headphones

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..::THOR::.. Morning Routine Set

Andraus Thor defines himself as “simple mesh carpenter that make nice nightstands on Second Life.” He is not new into this world since he is making those nice nighstands since some several years with great quality. I particular like the attention to the details that sums a lot to the scenes where one want to

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Review: SET Ultrawide Gamer

Welcome to 9 inches of fun in a new experimental edition. I decided to change the cozy set for the interviews and opened the space to present my first review of a product.  I open this section with an analysis of the SET Ultrawide Gamer [dby] Version 1.2 computer. Her creator, Debora Stine, was kind

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