Minotaur Maze

At the studio with Tiffani

“Thanks for inviting me Tiff, This studio looks really nice” said Alex while he was looking around at all the lights and cameras.

“Thank you Alex, You deserve it, I could have never begun to make a career without you…” answered Tiffani in a sexy voice.

“So, tell me about the scenes that we are gonna make on the day,” Alex said.

“Sure! There’s not exactly a story for this, it’s more like a reality style like “real couples having real sex”, so I want things just flow, I want them to be spontaneous” explained Tiffani, “Of course the cameras will always be there, but nothing stops us”

“Well, it’s not like we never had sex behind the scenes, so let’s go!”

Tiffani took off the small and tight top that barely could contain her massive tits. Alex was excited for such a view. It was true, every chance he has had with Tiffani had been crazy and hot.

“Ok first of all, we will start undressing like this, at first we could be shy because the camera will start recording us. The whole set will be yours so you can lead. Just follow your instincts”.

Alex kept watching her, his first instinct was to lift her like a feather, leaving her massive tits at his face level, so he could eat those huge orbs of her. Tiffani was smiling at him, she wanted to stop him because the cameras still hadn’t started, but she loved every time he lifted her like that. He made her feel light like a little girl, Alex could lift her as he liked.

He ate both her breasts, she took her hand around his back and was hugging him. He knew what she was loving about the moment. Alex spent the next 10 minutes eating her massive tits until finally, a sound told that the cameras were finally ready.

Alex put her down in the set’s king size bed and now both were making out. Tiffani kept feeling his chest, sometimes slapping or pushing it with her massive knockers. Their tongues were exploring each other’s mouths with need. It was getting hotter with every second, Tiffani tried to start touching him, but she couldn’t concentrate so much, because every now and then, she felt shocks of pleasure rushing through her body.

“Can you take off your pants?” Tiffani asked with a naughty smile.

Alex, without losing any second, started working into getting those pants off his body, leaving him with all of his huge cock erected like a scimitar. She observed that huge, magnificent rod. One thing could say for sure, Alex’s huge member could hold its own against her tireless pussy.

“My turn. Help me baby!” asked Tiffani, raising her sexy and thick hips off the bed, so her pants, the ones that held her gorgeous figure, could be taken off.

“For fuck sake, your body is marvelous”. Alex said, lifting one hand towards that perfect bubble butt and grabbed it like it was a soft ball. It felt amazing for him.

“I must say, I always liked how our naked bodies fitted each other. You have a fine specimen here baby.” Said Tiffani, pointing up and down to Alex, his mighty 9 inches cock still fully erect.

“Thanks babe, you always turn me on so much.” replied Alex, while a drop of precum oozed from his member.

Tiffani grabbed that long thick member, moving her hands along all of its 24 cm, she gave an excited and joyful laugh before directing that throbbing weapon towards her warm, succulent pussy.

“It has been a few days since the last time we did it,” he said, between his sighs, as he started moving his hips to enter further and further. “Hmmh! Take my cock…” he added.

He watched Tiffani doing her magic with his pole, she guided it towards her cave of love. Soon she began moaning uncontrollably, letting the air take her groans. She looked like a star as he started moving. Inch by inch it went up inside of her, as she gasped and moaned every time the first couple of inches went inside. Alex was no rookie, he knew how to handle a beauty like Tiffani, and he was very confident about his sex skills. He started by giving short, sharp thrusts with his cock and moved his entire length inside the pussy. The lubrication started building up so it didn’t take too long for Alex to achieve his objective of burying his cock deep inside her sweet hot snatch. Tiffani enjoyed having her hole stuffed, she liked when they could not talk, because the moment was so intense.

“Ungggggh! Can’t… Stop! UUUNNNGGHHHH!” cried the female star.

With a full 9 inches inside, Alex started slamming hard against his lovely partner. Her body jumped every time he entered completely, everytime the full package of the man was deep inside her.

9 inches of dick penetrating a very tight vagina. The hero: Alexus Minotaur. The goddess: Tiffani Topaz

Alex noticed that her boobs started bouncing up and down due to his heavy thrusts and couldn’t help but feel a rush of heat rising from his loins. Every single drop of blood was now heading downwards. As the slapping sound of the balls hitting that juicy pussy was getting louder, his heart rate and temperature were also on the rise. Alex loved when Tiffani’s massive and soft boobs bounced because of him. He enjoyed looking at them while he thrusted inside of her, reaching a much deeper place. It made him feel the conqueror of such a stunning star like her.

Tiffani on her side was also enjoying the moment. For a moment she forgot they were on the shooting of a scene and let her imagination get wild. In all this time that she had been making adult films, Alex had become a good mentor and also a great fuckbuddy and companion. So having sex with him was the best option.

After some minutes like this, Tiffani seemed to be no more capable of speaking, she was just letting herself go, like an ocean current. However, the pressure was rising, she had already hit her point of no return, and now a torrent of water seemed to have gathered from deep within her, trying to break free and flood the entire world.

“Now Tiffani,” Alex asked “does your pussy like it when your big stud hits all the good places?” He moved his thumb to her clit to enhance the stimulation as much as possible. She didn’t answer, Tiffani was just writhing through a powerful orgasm.

Her moans got louder, her legs were beginning to give in, her vision blurry. Her mind was reaching an overload, every nerve in her body sending mixed signals of bliss and pleasure.

Tiffani receiving a generous dose of man seed from Alex, hitting her uterus with a great flow of semen.

A flood of nectar streamed from the base of her opening, forming a small puddle in which his testes occasionally dipped. Alex smiled. A gesture of triumph appeared on his face. His look was a mix of happiness and pure lust. Tiffani smiled. She felt she had satisfied him and the whole fucking process had been a success.

“How was that? Did you enjoy it? I was hungry!” He exclaimed with a silly grin.

“That was amazing!” exclaimed the blonde. “I just hope the camera caught everything because that was special.” She added, while recovering her breath, still smiling.

Tiffani turned to one of the cameras that was recording them from one side. “Baby, let me see if that camera caught the right angle. Can you give me a moment please? I need you to pull off your big guy for a little while” said Tiffani. Alex smiled and pulled himself out of her soaked pussy.

She took a tablet, and began reviewing some footage and listening intently to a playback of the audio.

“What if the camera was not getting the best angle? Should we repeat the scene?” asked Alex.

“I think so, but I bet you don’t mind repeating scenes all day with me, huh?” she replied with a grin.

“Not at all babe” responded Alex, trying to hug Tiffani’s magnificent tits.

The changed the position. This time Alex was standing next to the bed while she was in four, legs hanging from the side of the bed and showing that nice bubble butt, that turned on him so much. Alex bent over and put his 9 inch cock to start rubbing her labia, then plowed his dick in there without mercy.

His cock penetrated deep in her slippery, tight vagina. His cock reached places that she didn’t even know existed, rubbing on the soft walls of her pussy, slowly. He moved his cock and withdrew most of his length.

Alex gave her buttcheeks some slaps while he began fucking her pussy fast and hard. A beautiful, pink glow of excitement appeared on her ass cheeks. The sexy blonde enjoyed the spanking that his friend was giving her and thanked her for his consideration when doing a scene like this. The blonde beauty smiled and let him continue doing that for a few moments until she begged for him not to stop what he was doing.

Tiffani decided then to make use of one of her skills. When her lover got deep inside of her and remained still, she wrapped her lower lips on his penis and then she began rotating her pussy and sliding it back and forth his huge and powerful dick. Then he kept fucking her until he couldn’t hold anymore the hotness that generated feeling his dick deeply penetrating his dear friend and without warning he shot all of his cum inside of her. A river of semen rushed from the tip of his cock and the volume of his load was so large, that soon some strands started leaking out from the edges of her lips.

“Hey Alex,” She started talking, looking back, while having some strands of cum still leaking from her cunt, “the shot was great, and the camera even caught the cum dripping. I hope you enjoyed my little trick! So do you want a change of positions now?”. Tiffani said.

“Sure,” Responded the happy actor. He was there to please the hot blonde, no matter if there’s a camera in front or not. “Just give me a minute while I finish. I still have some juice stored up” he added, while showing the remains of his load in his massive tool.

“We have lots of time,” Tiffani replied. She really enjoyed those sessions with her dear friend.

Once he finished unloading his DNA on his hot model co-star, Alex got a little rest while he laid down on the bed while watching her friend go back to review some footage. She joined him after a few minutes and both hugged tightly and exchanged a little bit of kisses and hugs. Tiffani had planned other scenarios in her film and she had some ideas to perform on screen.

After 20 minutes of tongue wrestling and nipple sucking, both were again horny, ready for some more action. Tiffani looked at the naked man with those defined muscles and she wanted to ravish him with no pause.

“Alex, I’m so glad we have this special relationship. I mean, yes I’m happy to have you as my mentor and friend, but god! what amazing sex we have!” She spoke in an excited voice and was licking his neck and kissing him.

“I know, when I saw you the first time in that bar, I knew you would be a star and that I’ll be responsible for teaching you the wonders of the flesh and the human body”. Alex replied with a cocky tone, and Tiffani giggled.

“Hmmm… you are such an ass,” Tiffani smiled at him. “But I suppose that’s part of your charm, and that’s why I can’t get enough of you,” she added.

Alex couldn’t do more than kiss her deeply, feeling every piece of skin he could touch in her amazing body, his mouth roaming around her neck, his hands working hard squeezing and groping her beautiful body.

“Ok, let’s do it again” Alex said and placed her against one of the bed posts. He rubbed his dick against her juicy, soaked lips, then gave her butt cheeks another smack and started working his meat back and forth in there. Tiffani rested on the bedpost, holding Alex’s shoulders with her hands. He kept rubbing his throbbing boner until the friction was too much and decided to insert his rod again. Tiffani screamed “Yeah!” as the meaty weapon slipped all the way inside her love channel. During the last months, they have been working so hard stretching Tiffany’s vaginal walls, and Alex was starting to fit all the way without many difficulties. According to Alex, this is part of his training for her, so she could be ready to face more actors with large cocks like his. And because they are real close friends, she keeps doing the training even if the scenes aren’t that kind. But let’s be honest, who in the world wouldn’t want to train like that?

Alex was delighted with the sexual contact with this sex kitten. With every thrust he buried his dick in her hot hole, he could feel himself growing larger and longer, and all he wanted was to fill her completely with every inch. It was such an amazing feeling having that tight pussy surrounding his manhood. Every second he fucked the shit out of the hot girl was such a turn on, and for her was the same thing.

Now that both were well aligned, their sweaty skins pressed against each other, his hands grabbing her waist, Tiffani said to her lover: “Bury your dick as deep as you can”

And he kept doing it, while she tried not to moan and scream, because the feeling of the hard shaft of Alex plunging deeply inside of her, almost into her guts, was wonderful. She didn’t want him to stop, not ever.

Alex did it more and more. With every thrust he grabbed with more strength her sexy curvy figure. He started to lift her a few inches and then let her down again with force, and each time, the climax was bigger and bigger. They weren’t looking at anything, just at each other’s eyes, the passion increasing the temperature of the place and their hearts pumping their own blood at an accelerated pace.

At some moment, Tiffani was riding on Alex’s cock, with her legs and feet in the air while Alex was holding her thighs with no effort. He wasn’t even breaking a sweat, no matter how fast or how many times he pushed himself in her. Then it was Tiffani pressing with all her strength, surrounding the waist of Alex with her legs, while hugging him so she could swallow that monster cock till the end.

Tiffani was loving this skin to skin contact and their delicious movements, trying not to cum yet, but she couldn’t control it, so she relaxed herself, enjoying the sensation and savoring the moment, screaming a heartbreaking loud. That’s when Alex started filling her womb with all his spunk. She closed her eyes and focused on that sensation, about how his partner fill her like no other. A wave of electricity took her whole being, she just went and kept her spasm until her eyes and her jaw couldn’t go even more open.

When her eyes were fully open, Tiffani realized she was so tired.

“Wow that was an amazing babe, but I need some rest, you made me lose control with you” exclaimed the blonde star with great satisfaction.

“Wow, and I thought this was just acting!” Said a tired Alex, and both laughed.

She stretched her arms as her naked tits pressed on Alex’s chest. Then they kissed, he grabbed one of her boobs and softly squeezed it in the most affectionate way. He let a sigh escape from his mouth and, with that, both exchanged some intense glances before taking a break, but he grabbed her and turned her to face the bedpost.

“Oh dear, what are you doing? Aren’t you satisfied yet?” She said jokingly, because she knew he wasn’t gonna do it for real, “You are the only guy that can stretch my walls like this, but I can’t do this for long you know.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll be gentle. It’s just that I need to unload another shot,” explained Alex while fondling her breast.

“Hmmm ok, but please don’t be rough” Tiffani let the stud guide her where he needed. Alex kept moving, positioning himself to slip again into her depths. “Oh, fuck yeah!”

And he started doing it. Alex kept a slow pace and let the pleasure sink his mind. He was stuck into a trance, while his shaft started getting wet by the flowing juices and the warm touch of the inside.

She was worried that this could sore later and keep her out of action for days, but then thought about all the money she already spent doing scenes with Alex and realized it had been worth it. Tiffani always tries to put logic in her work.

Alexus conquering the tireless butt of Tiffani.

With 9 inches deeply buried inside of the stunning blonde, the stud didn’t rest. His cock reached even the deepest areas of that wet pussy that was flooding due to the fucking and the steamy pleasure that both were getting, as if it wasn’t enough, the way it was fitting his cock like a glove and the feeling it gave him to be embraced by her flesh and inner warmth, that just pushed him to feel even better.

It didn’t take much, maybe 20 minutes more, until he felt another surge coming, and let it go again inside her womb. This time there was more and even spurted some of the semen to leak onto the floor. The sweet, burning juices were draining slowly from her slit, and once his cock pulled off, some drops were also following the semen drops to the floor.

“Oh this is a mess. Do you have someone to clean your studio Tiff?” asked Alex in between some breaths. He was sweaty and spent.

“Of course, no worries,” replied Tiffani, resting herself. The lovers rested some minutes next to each other before going for a quick shower, and coming back to the studio. She lay down on the bed and just fixed herself a drink while Alex received a call.

“Hello, yes, what’s up man?” Alex was talking on the phone “Yes, sure. Right now I’m busy but I can stop by before the evening.”

“Who’s that?” Asked Tiffani, stretching her bare legs and displaying them in a delicious fashion.

“It’s Carlos. I haven’t seen him in a while and he wants to have a drink before dinner.”

“Tell him that right now you are busy pleasing me with your enormous member…” responded the blonde and they laughed. “If you want, we can see him this week together,” she added.

“Hey Carlos, you don’t know what you are missing, man… Wanna see? Look who’s with me, I’ll turn on the camera.” And without thinking much he opened the camera option and pointed to Tiffani, who was still laying on the bed stretching her legs.

“Hey Carlos, your friend is insatiable today, he is wearing me down…” Exclaimed the gorgeous blonde “Anyway, I’ll need you for the rest of the day, so maybe he has to cancel the plans with you”. She giggled, before she ended the conversation.

Carlos could see the voluptuous breasts of the young woman filling all the screen and making it difficult for him to think in an answer.

“Well Carlos, it looks like Tiffani needs a lot of attention now and I will need to stay with her the rest of the day,” said Alex while winking.

“That’s true Carlos, he is giving me so many orgasms that I can’t even count,” Tiffani added.

“Damn lucky bastard, well can’t fight that, have a good time and we’ll see later in the week” said the other guy “Hey! And bring her with you, I’d love to meet her”

“Oh my, Tiff, we have a fan here. I bet my friend saw all your movies” Added Alex and they both laughed “Okay man, I’ll tell you when we are free” he finished.

“Your friend sounds nice. Maybe should I date him? Would you mind?” Joked Tiffani.

“My buddy would explode if he met you. I’m not sure if you would be happy with someone who lasts only 5 seconds.” Answered the actor while both started laughing.

“Well if he can’t, I always can call you to give me a hand with that. You know, we are friends and friends help each other”. She replied.

“Of course, but I’m not sure if he will be happy to share with you”.

“I’m messing with you hun, you are all that I need to satisfy me, the way you stretch me is really outstanding, you’ve put a spell on my body”. Both laughed and Alex jumped over to the bed, where his co-star was laying and waiting for him, then kissed him, wrapping her arms around the stud’s strong, beefy frame.

“So are we done for today? Are the cameras still rolling?” Asked Alex.

“Yes the cameras are off, but if you want to lay with me here all day that’s fine with me”.

The gorgeous blonde star, who recently discovered and produced her own work, loved when Alex stayed with her after making a video. No matter if it was to kiss her, snuggle or lay there listening to music, he was an excellent friend.

Tiffani feeling happy with Alex's cock inside.

They tried to relax, but the skin to skin and the friction between their parts was like a drug. Alex ended up sliding inside the beauty’s pussy again and thrusting another load of cum in her.

After finishing, Tiffani asked him to let it inside.

“Just leave it inside,” said the actress. “I would like to take a nap with the warmth of your big dick inside.”

Alex just smiled and obliged. He was satisfied after another great performance, and so did Tiffani. One hour later the cleaning staff appeared in the studio.

“Come on Alex, we should let them work in peace and we could do the same too” Tiffani said when noticed him awake again. They decided to take the things to Alex’s apartment, where they had lots of room and where they didn’t bother anybody.