Minotaur Maze

How I met to Tiffani T. Topaz

This story takes me back to a quiet town named Willow Creek, a place I stumbled upon during an unplanned detour on my road trip. It was a town so small you’d miss it if you blinked, and the only motel in sight was the kind that still used physical keys.

After settling into my room, I decided to visit the local bar, a quaint establishment where a captivating woman with curves that could turn heads, was the sole person in charge.

The door creaked as I entered, and she looked up from wiping down the counter. The place had an air of stillness, as if the town itself was holding its breath. She, however, exuded warmth and charisma as she approached with a menu. Her name is Tiffani and her figure was a marvel, her curves could intimidate any regular Joe. She wasn’t the kind of woman society often deemed as skinny; instead, her body possessed a magnetic quality that drew you in. Her ample curves were a testament to the natural beauty that lies beyond the strict social boundaries set for women. It was the perfect type for adult movies: she had the looks that no actor would dismiss for a scene.

With her soft blond hair, generous lips, and bright eyes, she radiated confidence. She had full, round, gorgeous hips, an enticing cleavage, and the confidence in her stride spoke volumes.

“Welcome sir to Old Joe’s bar, would you like something to drink?”

I sat at a table and opened up the menu, feigning concentration while she waited for an answer. In reality I was trying to gather myself; I’m always smitten by gorgeous, curvaceous women and this was one I was determined not to make a fool of myself with.

“Thank you, yes I would like a beer, please”

As she made my way to serve me, my eyes remained focused on her face, her skin was very smooth, almost the epitome of youth and innocence. She’s everything I expected from a young and charming waitress in a tiny village and I was taken in by her simplicity. But there was something else beyond that pale skin and bright eyes, like something hidden, that could be glimpsed every now and then through a certain gesture. This is something I cannot put into words, yet you have the sense that a part of her resides somewhere else; like an outsider looking in on an ideal reality; or a memory lost deep inside her.

Suddenly her hips attracted my attention, She was gently rubbing my body as she bent over the table to pour my beer, leaving in front of me a perfect view of her generous and magnificent breasts, through a cleavage that was impossible not to look at.

I suddenly had a huge hard on and I realized that my dick was swelling up, throbbing because I hadn’t been intimate with anyone in quite some days. The bulge in my pants was very evident, maybe she saw it or not, but it didn’t surprised me when she said “are you enjoying the view?”

She knew how I was looking at her, and maybe my rock hard penis was the indication of what I had in mind for the rest of the night: I had to sleep with her.

“Why did you bring 2 glasses? …I’m here alone,” I said.

“If you think I’m going to just let you enjoy this moment while I stay at the other side of the counter, you’re sorely mistaken…”

She sat and we shared the beer.

“Do I intimidate you? You seem shy”

“It’s difficult not to be shy, when you’re with someone as gorgeous as yourself. But no, I’m not shy. Because of my job I am always in front of naked women, as beautiful as you, all the time”

“What kind of job it might be that? Don’t tell me you are a gigolo or an escort.”

“Of course not. My profession is photography; and my models almost all the time are naked. But there was a time when I used to be a porn actor”

“Wait what? You were a porn actor?”

Tiffani couldn’t believe it. She seemed like she just met a Hollywood star or a celebrity from some of her favorite bands or anything…

“I have so many questions!”

She asked me as many questions about adult movies and what exactly is my job, which I kindly replied, before we went onto another beer together. She confessed to me that she was always curious about what it feels to be in an adult movie, but in this little town it was impossible to find an opportunity like this and she never dared to move to the city because she had no idea how to break into it.

“Would you like to try it? You’ll do an audition”

I loved that girl’s genuine interest. “Really?!” she replied. Her eyes were filled with curiosity.

“Of course, you’ve got to know a few basics before doing an adult movie. I sometimes mentor some aspiring actors”

“Ahhh… I thought we were going to sleep together. That’s not a problem for me btw. I’ve always been curious to know if actors really have it as big as it appears in front of cameras, and to be honest I have a crush with you.

I smiled “Well, some of them are fake, but in my case, what you’ll see on screen is 100% true.”

“So what are we waiting for?”

This was easier that I was expecting. It became apparent that Willow Creek wasn’t a bustling city, and the bar wasn’t expecting any more patrons that day. Sensing the lull, I suggested to Tiffani that she could close up early. She agreed, and we found ourselves wandering towards the motel. I was very eager to taste that amazing body and feel her soft pale skin against my tan body.

Once in my motel room we kissed softly while her hands roamed under my shirt, pushing it higher. Once the shirt was out of her way, she tugged her top off and dropped it to the floor, and I quickly did the same. Her full, heaving chest was a sight to behold. “Take your time,” she purred as I stood back to take a long, hard look. Her generous chest was displayed by a red, frilly push-up bra.

“Let me see them…” my voice cracked slightly, giving away my excitement. With a flick of her wrist, her bra flew away. She tossed back her head and the golden blonde waterfall rippled across her shoulders. When she leaned forward, I couldn’t help but watch those two magnificent mounds of titflesh sway hypnotically before me. “Like them? “I have. A lot”

I pushed them together and brushed the tips of my nose against her nipples. Her soft giggle turned to a moan as I sucked her pink nipples and fondled her big, round tits.

“Take off your pants” I commanded, and she did as told. I caressed her shapely thighs, and ran my fingers through her shaved cunt. It was warm and dripping.

“Finger-fucking? No, that pink and smooth pussy will take some other kind of pleasure, honey” I told her while I took down my pants too, revealing my already throbbing cock, making her stare at it with open-mouthed curiosity, while I told her with a sweet but aroused voice, that from then on, her tight pink vagina will be stretched like it’s never been before. She nodded. I picked her up in the air, she put her hands on my shoulders and I put her on the bed. I grabbed my dick, making a circular motion around her opening; while she licked her tongue as she saw how my large piece threatened to enter her.

“Damn, I can’t believe I’ll have all that inside. Please just do it”

As soon as she had expressed her request, I got myself closer, while a playful hand squeezed her gigantic ass, then the other grabbing her heavy breasts and penetrating slowly into her wet pussy.

“Oh… wow… I …ooooh! It feels… different!” she gasped, when the 9-inch dick made the beginning of the fun. I loved that part, when her delicate tight pink lips, grasped around the thick meat. That was the first time our genitals merged in a sex session, that moment her moaning would fill up the room.

I spread her thighs, putting her ankles on my shoulders. She loved the idea that the sex could go so deep. It was like she was waiting her entire life for a session like this and she was not missing the chance. We continued and I thrust into her, gently at first, building pace gradually, allowing her time to grow accustomed to my girth, taking time to suck each of her breasts in turn.

This is exactly what I needed for today. After a sex drought of several days, it was refreshing to fuck a beautiful young and voluptuous girl like her. But for Tiffani it was something more: this could be the unique chance to leave her hometown and get more knowledge in the adult entertainment industry, and I knew that if she impressed me that day, she was destined to do something great, and I was the perfect person to help her achieve that.

My dick kept ramming into her wetness, faster and deeper, while she released sounds of pure bliss. The town girl was experiencing things she didn’t think she was possible to feel, especially in Willow Creek: the adrenaline was pumping on her veins, the euphoric sensation, the perspiration between both bodies, and the need to fuck one another without stop, something she had been craving for some time.

“Ahhh… I never had… a big… oh my god….ahh…cock…” she barely could utter between grunts and groans, since my throbbing shaft was touching all her most sensitive spots. I wasn’t holding back anymore; I thrusted powerfully and steadily in and out her juicy, shaved, and soft pink.My cock was breaking through her pussy. I pressed her against me. Her breathing was shallow, labored and I could tell that Tiffani was so close to having an intense climax, a crescendo of sensation. Of course I wouldn’t leave her dissatisfied.I kept pumping deep, all balls deep, her inner thighs were slippery wet, and she had goose bumps. As I thrusted with more intensity, I rubbed her erect nub in a circular motion. This way, her muscles would relax and it’d be easier to take all my throbbing inches.”Tiffany, you are so wet…so damn slippery…”

I wanted to give her the most explosive orgasm she ever felt. I had been teasing and taunting, pushing her up, driving her there, slowly but surely, step by step, to the edge. When I noticed she couldn’t take it anymore I lifted her from the bed like a feather. Tiffani’s long sexy legs circled my waist. I lifted her and I began pumping even deeper into her now vertical pussy.

“OH…MY GOD… I… DON’T… know” she murmured in my ear, biting it softly while I kept ramming inside. With this new position, my dick was now kissing the entrance of her uterus, going ’till the very end. “I’m so…cl-close!”

Her long, luscious blonde hair caressed my cheeks, mixing with her sweat. The rhythm of my body into hers increased even more, our skin now were beating with the beat of our heart. A bead of sweat dripped from the tip of my nose onto the corner of her mouth. She smiled. Our lips came together, our tongues were tasting each other.

Our climaxes were approaching, so I placed her standing against the sideboard while I pumped harder, like I hadn’t been with a woman in a long time. This would be the perfect opportunity for both, so it had to be memorable. The blonde girl pushed her delicious ass against me, not to break contact… and then it happened… the explosion I’d been waiting and preparing for. My body jerked spasmodically while streams of liquid surged within her, causing my body to jerk repeatedly as it became enveloped by mind-blowing bliss.

In her turn, Tiffany had an explosive multiple orgasm that could be felt with her trembling legs, her pleasurable loud grunts and the flood of her fluid overflowing the sides and joining my sperm. “I’m Cumming,” she yelled as her cunt muscles massaged my cock.”There’s so much I don’t… Ahhhhh… OOhhhhh…”

Tiffany squirted so much, the puddle at the sideboard was all milky colored, with thick lines of cum that merged with her orgasm. That was fantastic, but I still hadn’t seen all about the girl: her stamina was unmatched. She said “Get on the bed, I wanna show you something”

I laid on the bed, enjoying a last glance of the blonde’s naked body: Her white flesh, her firm young breasts, her wet snatch… when she placed herself above my cock and then, she slammed down in my pole!


Her ass slapped rhythmically, and Tiffany’s was bouncing up and down, screaming in passion every second. Her head was pulled backwards, with both of her hands digging deeply into the mattress. Those movements were savage and hungry, almost animalist. This girl would get far, if she continue fucking so hard.

Tiffany accelerated, literally flying towards my rod like the energizer bunny, it’s clear she wanted to impress me and wouldn’t get satisfied if her first time wasn’t awesome. So I had to give her best that day. I was pumping her pussy so hard, making her eyes roll back into the top of her head in lust as she felt her whole being shake. Her screams pierced the room and the bed itself shook from the wild movements. The squeaking from the springs grew louder as the pace intensified.

“OOooohhh! How long can you last! It’s amazing! God I love you…keep doing it. I could…aaaaargh… keep doing this all day…” her hot voice and her accent were almost music to my ears while I held those juicy hips” Of course this was not my first ride with a woman that is a savage on the bed so I kept up my energy with her. In our position it was very easy to fuck her well. This would continue, until we reach our peaks of pleasure, and with her riding my dick was much easier. Tiffani did not show a hint of fatigue even with the effort exerted in our previous exercises, as if it were born to fuck all her life, so I kept fucking her for hours…

After the storm of lust passed, Tiffani was finally on my arms, breathing in and out, her sweat mixing up with mine. My eyes were almost closing, but I could see her huge breast were bouncing and rubbing against my body with each breath.

“So, what do you think about my performance? Do you think I have potential as porn actress?”

“We need to do this again… Maybe this sound too much for this moment but wouldn’t you like to accompany me on my trip?”

“Seriously? Ok, I don’t know what to say… My life here has been so boring. I need to find a change. Can I really do this? I think I’d have a place at your side… just let me think about it, please?”

We kissed each other, and she dressed and left the room with a promise that we will meet later. At the entrance of my room she stopped and called me

“Hey look Alex, a condom vending machine… maybe we should use them from time to time if we are going to be together!” and gave a naughty grin.

I replied “Maybe… but I like to feel you without any rubber barrier! I’ll show you how we do in the industry without getting in problems” and we laughed.

She was gone now. I told her that I was leaving tomorrow in the morning so the decision to accompany me to the big city is completely hers. We arranged to meet at the night if she decides to join me.

I took a shower and later I relaxed watching tv. Our sex session lasted 4 hours, so it was a good moment to relax, and to have a rest. Around midnight, Tiffany arrived. She had a huge suitcase and was extremely excited. There’s where her career just started.