Minotaur Maze

Lara is back

“I missed you”

“I missed you too, darling”

“Things have been a bit boring here without your booty, baby.”

Lara’s fingers reach out to explore his partner’s strong chest, rubbing her delicate tips through his body, descending towards the groin, until she reaches her flaccid cock.

“I always wondered why your penis never looks completely flaccid, everytime I touch it, it grow larger and gets harder, almost as if you were prepared to fuck whenever you want. Are you always like this?” she says, caressing the base of the cock.

“Only with hot chicks like you, L.”

Lara is satisfied to know this is the result of her charm, to turn men into constantly horny is an achievement and Alex makes it seem simple. She giggles softly and slowly starts massaging her partner’s penis. He has an impressive size. She moves her hand gently along his long member, rubbing softly on the foreskin.

“Ok, we have a lot to catch up on. Why don’t we go straight to the point? I had a long flight and I need a thick cock inside of me”

“With pleasure, honey,” Alex said.

She crawls through his body until her labia touches the tip of his erect cock, Lara smirks, starts a back and forth rubbing her entrance with the cock’s tip, enjoying his foreskin massaging her pussy lips.

Her clitoris gets swollen and sensitive. His cock is throbbing impatient for penetrate her hot body, Alex pulls her closer, positioning her hands on the buttcheeks of his hot friend. Lara’s moves faster rubbing against his member and now her pussy and Alex’s cock are a complete mess of liquids and her thick clitoris stands proudly.

His hands on her big ass move slowly, pulling apart the butt cheeks. Then he pulls her close again, the tip of his cock touching Lara’s pussy, who groans louder, then she goes back. This game has lasted a little bit, Alex knows his partner needs to be well prepared to fuck, his patience pays off when Lara’s juices pour like water, finally ready. There’s a box of condoms on the nightstand near the bed ready to be used, but maybe it’s a bit late to stop for such a detail, because there’s no going back after this. Her pussy comes down very slowly and takes the first inches of the erect member inside of her. Lara groans loudly.

Her friend’s member enters little by little in her cunt which tightens Alex’s penis hard. Slowly she gets used to it, and manages to reach the bottom, Lara has reached the limit, there is nothing else to take into her warm vagina.

“Ohhh yes… Your dick… It feels so fucking amazing…”

It seemed as if they hadn’t had sexual contact in years, because as soon as the long sword was sheathed completely, Lara became crazy. Her cunt throbs against the hard flesh, contracting in it as much as possible. Her legs press the sides of Alex and Lara starts to jump with slow, steady moves, using her powerful thighs and her full weight in an attempt to cause a quick orgasm.

“Oh no, your tricks will not work with me, babe. I’m not one of your one-minute-men, I’m different and you know that”, said Alex.

Lara stops momentarily the up and down move, she brings her face near to her friend’s lips and gives him an intense kiss.

She smiled and said, “Alright, my big cock-man. But don’t think you’ll be the winner, cause my mission today is to dry all the cum from your balls”.

Lara closes her eyes, slowly starts lifting her pelvis and then comes down, moaning. Alex’s huge cock is hitting every weak spot. Alex moans loudly, Lara is squeezing his hard-on with such strength and passion, that his cockhead already started leaking.

The regular man could have lasted a few seconds with such intensity of this woman that has a body taken from the most erotic dreams. But Alex has an advantage: he has experience, and also because he has a body conditioned by a regimen of heavy exercises, a good part of those exercises are sleep with beautiful women with high sex drive every night.

If we have to classify to Lara, she is the kind of woman that enjoys a lavish, expensive life. You can see her in luxury cars and restaurants. Her name appear in fashion and shopping sites, you know if someone wants to gain exposure, they call her to attend the events, making her a popular personality, gaining recognition from public. If you want to have a chance with her, you better have a thick wallet. But the rich guys only serve to keep her status of success, when it come to fuck, she prefers the thick dick, and only a few possess, one of this rare and exclusive big-dicked guys is Alex.

Lara was married for some time with some rich guy who had her traveling around the world, living in the most exclusive cities, meeting famous celebrities, doing shopping sprees every other week in luxury malls, the standard that a woman with an expensive taste demands. All that was good, but there was a tiny problem: it was sex that her husband never was able to provide. He tried but ended up failing miserably, the size of his manhood couldn’t reach what the glamorous woman desired the most and eventually they ended up getting a divorce and the ex-husband disappeared. All those years created a gap that Lara needed to fill. That’s why as soon as the divorce papers were signed, the sex-addict brunette had to Alex back into her radar again. A call was enough to get Alex, she took a private flight from Monaco and in a few hours she was walking again in her old city heading to the apartment of her friend.

Alex didn’t bother asking many details about how had Lara been since their divorce. She undressed so quick that they barely spoke a word, the truth is there’s not much talking needed for their friendship to keep alive. Maybe later when she achieves to empty his balls.

With every jump, Lara is careful to grab a little more of the manhood until reaching the base, she makes her jumps quick and uses all of her weight to thrust and hit her cervix, her wet vagina gushed with pleasure with the continuous hit in her soft spots.

The well-endowed blonde put his hands on the hips of his companion, pulling her, pushing her in an attempt to synchronize their moves to intensify the feeling. The penetrations are coming quicker and louder, the deep, dirty fucking noise is loud on the room, Alex’s dick going back and forth quickly.

Alex could notice how at first it was a bit difficult to penetrate her, something that never was an issue on the past. The body of Lara was always used to receive a rough penetration from his dick without major issues. That is because there was a time where Lara fucked everyday, almost all the time with his monster. Now the luxurious life has softened her body and the tiny shrinked dick of her husband hasn’t helped to maintain it for what it was. But Alex is optimistic, after a few weeks fucking everyday, he will put the good shape on her old friend, he is not going to stop till her pussy is back in prime conditions, and Alex will enjoy the process, a big grin appears in his face.

The time passes and they were still fucking without showing any tiredness. Alex has been delivering brutal pumps and her cunt hasn’t complained. Maybe because Lara was a good rider and she is constantly rubbing her sensitive spots to feel the energy flowing through her body and for that reason she didn’t give a damn about being fucked hard, his manhood was giving the right boost of excitement and lust. But Lara wants more, she wants the seed of a champion sex athlete, one of the best in her circle of friends.

Lara moves her pelvis in a circular motion, with her legs resting on the mattress, her moans increase in volume. She feels the time is close and the quantity of cum contained in Alex’s balls seems to be ready to release the tension. With no previous signal, Lara moans extremely loud, her whole body shaking, her legs twitch and she loses her balance and falls into Alex, who hugs her, while he releases a lot of hot semen deep into her.


Alex fills the walls of Lara’s vagina completely with thick strands of white liquid, overflowing out of her body. Finally some of good, satisfying cum to fill that starving hungry body. Lara is happy, after that long time of draught and tiny drops, now a well filled hose is spreading the moisture she desires so much. After the contractions calm, Lara lies with the chest resting on Alex’s body, who lifts his back off the bed and holds her tightly by the buttocks. The cock softens, but it is still big and most importantly: it stays inside her. Lara sticks out her tongue and they both start to kiss intensely and Alex’s big manhood hardens again slowly filling her with the rest of the cum.

“I was needing that so much, baby… I knew I could count with you for giving me a lot of pleasure, but we haven’t finished yet. I hope you have more”

“It was only a appetizer, we need to feed well your warm body”

“Excellent,” she said.

Alex lift her with his big shaft still engaged, so he could stand up, carrying his lover with his arms around her but. While holding Lara tightly, he lifts the delicious girl in the air effortlessly and start to pump her with fast, steady and loud fucks that almost throw her of him. Alex smiles, a spark in his eye, this is his signature move that applies to every girl and always it’s a guarantee to a massive cumload and strong orgasms. This movement creates loyals lovers that always come back to him, eager for more and to expand their collection. Lara is no exception, her pleasure are not faked and her orgasm is real and strong.

Lara feels how his strong friend impalates her while she embraces him, pressing the tits against his chest, the legs embracing his strong torso. His arms lift her with an impressive strength, it was not necessary to do exercise routines with Alex, because the wild sex that he provides is always the best workout that her body can’t get enough. The physical abilities are obvious on the movements that his arms are making, he fucks her with ease using his own body, How could so much time go by without her enjoying these pleasures? How could a tiny and tiny dick make her settle for so little when a stud like Alex was just a call away… ah of course, all the money, clothes, and fame were an impossible combination to ignore.

She starts to think how could she have the best of both worlds and all she gets are questions without answers, anyway. The solution will arise later, for now she must focus in this moment of intense and raw action.

The vertical position increases the sensation of tightness and the couple scream in unison as they achieve another multiple orgasm together. At last, the orgasms fade, but Alex is far from finish, even with the hole a bit too sensitive after cumming two massive loads.

He let her go gently, both partners separate their bodies. Lara fall on the mattress and Alex positions behind her. He touches his friend’s ass, rubbing with the palm of his hand with a slow and constant move.

“Alex, you… ummhmm… don’t have to ask… You can just put your dick inside” she says.

He rubs it slowly against the butt crack, her vaginal fluids help him to create a sloppy mass in her asshole, then he pull her buttocks apart exposing her anus that contracts with a spasm as she feel how Alex pass his middle finger along her crack, the finger goes over and around the ass, adding more of the mix of fluids spread and collected then, it went back in her ass, up to the second knuckle making Lara groan.

“Fuck Alex, yes, use all the lubricants, just take it slow, this booty hasn’t felt a big dick for some time”.

Lara is very aware of the condition of her asshole, which has shrunk with the passing of time. Since she divorced, she never got excited or aroused and stopped practicing anal sex, focusing in other activities like yoga. Maybe her booty will need some workouts to regain the form as her favorite fuckhole. Lara is sure Alex is willing to help. In past times he was the most enthusiastic of her lovers, and one of the few she allowed to penetrate her in her tightest hole, she knew how to keep that exclusivity by not allowing every random guy stick his dick up there, as much as the asshole begs for some of those big shafts.

Alex is aware of the process and decides not to be brute in the beginning, so as soon as he grabs hold of her cheeks and parts them in different directions, the tip is brought nearer the pink and hairless anus, who does not look very inviting now that the muscles are not prepared or ready for penetration. She bends more to expose a greater access and a good angle, Alex takes the hint and uses one hand to line up his cock and pushes slowly, inch by inch entering the tiny hole and forcing himself inside the forbidden area. Lara takes a few deep breaths while feeling the manhood going through her most sacred entrance, not everyone is allowed the honor to fill her ass full of semen.

“Ouhhnn Alex you’re a perverted guy! So you do like put your huge dick on a tiny asshole, don’t you?”

Lara puts her hand back and pulls her asscheek further to help the penetration and expose herself better.

Alex knows that some women have regrets when they agree to assfuck and can’t carry on, but others love anal and need a little encouragement before getting it in and enjoying.

With Alex being an experienced porn actor, he knows to interpret the signs and wait, sometimes even when a chick wants anal badly, it doesn’t go smoothly. The secret here is patience, as every great artist, Alex know how to compose his work of art taking his time and the final result can be the greatest orgasm, specially when is anal sex. He applies the lube very well to have a more gentle access and let it soften her rectum, and Lara always adapts pretty quickly after all.

She doesn’t resist and enjoys the invasion inside of her. It feels really tight but Alex is doing it with all care and smooth moves. Even with a full load inside of her vagina, the dick doesn’t suffer difficulty on go deep inside her, but the anus is a different story.

The experience goes well, but Alex is more a man of pussies. He enjoys filling them up. But he wanted to have his mark on Lara’s back door, something that would make the brunette feel him everytime she sat. After 20 minutes he decides to switch position, inserting his dick on her moist vagina and go back and forward till he has the next climax, to satisfy his big appetite for hot cum from the goddess’s body.

“That was good babe, I felt you on my guts and I love it! I’m glad we can fuck freely now, I never was a fan of condoms… So please, fill this greedy pussy with all the cum that you’re able to gather on those heavy balls, so I can take a bath of semen with you, Alex!”

He smirks, “Well, who am I to refuse an order like that”

The couple reposition to a doggy position, and Alex proceeds to push his rod, still slick of her fluids, into her welcoming womanly portal. This was something Lara was desperate to receive.

After the short interlude into the anal world, the penis is able to invade and submerge itself easily inside his favorite cavity. Both partners fuck with enthusiasm, with him pounding her hard.

After a good hour and half of constant sexual activities, Lara have no doubt about Alex’s power is as incredible as years ago. Their lovemaking ends with both lovers cumming together for the fifth time, the excess of semen that exit Alex’s cock trickled between Lara’s labias, mixing her juices in a creamy discharge. The whole bed was wet.

They lay in the bed exhausted and sweaty. They talk about their lives, share experiences… Then Alex look at his watch and it was the moment to take Lara home. But she wants to stay another day on his apartment and the blonde will not refuse this proposal, after all, tomorrow is saturday. And if the things goes fine, Lara won’t have much chance to enjoy another weekend free, for that she must take the opportunity to stay longer to have her dose of daily protein. She already has a plan to get the best of both worlds, and that involves keeping Alex close to her to feed the urges she has, if all goes right, maybe she will try to be Alex’s official lover. All what she needs now is get a new rich husband who is open to accept that Lara will spend some time with her “friend”, who knows? maybe the new husband may enjoy it watching.