Minotaur Maze

ᴄᴀɴᴅʏ ᴋᴀʀsɪɴ

That day of walking along the pier ended in a heated sex session. Candy was very attractive and I couldn’t stop looking at her when she was introduced to me. She had just arrived in the country with her brother and was looking for new friends.

She had joined the traveling group at her brother’s suggestion so that she could meet more people. We organized a trip to the lake that day. We were 8 people, but she was shining like the sun. The men couldn’t take their eyes off her.

The excursion ended at the pier. As the organizer of the tour, I asked for volunteers to help me pick up the garbage and clean up. Only she volunteered. The rest of the group went home. It was still daylight and I couldn’t stop looking at her. Those curves, that tanned body, that long shiny hair, she was irresistible.

We decided to take one last look at the sunset before saying goodbye. I don’t know what happened at that time. One moment we were laughing and the next we were kissing.

There was no one around us, so we decided to do something daring: we took off our clothes and did it: We fucked hard, my member was huge and I entered her very easily and without any protection. I was going in and out very fast and strong.

She moaned non-stop. I was pumping hard and in the middle of that frenzy, just when it was already getting dark and the first lights were starting to come on…we came together.

I injected a generous dose of semen deep into her womb. Already more relaxed and still with my member inside her, we stayed looking at the sunset.

After that we get dressed. It was at the exact moment because 2 minutes later her brother appeared, coming to pick her up.

– “You had fun?” he asked her.

– “Yes a lot” she answered. “I would like to come more times to these walks organized by Alex.

I told her brother that next weekend we would go camping in the mountains, two full days in nature. Perhaps she would be interested in joining.

The meeting point would be my apartment. She got the message and with a smile she said that she would love to spend that weekend in nature.

He said that he would be delighted for her to go.

The following weekend she showed up very early at my apartment ready for an adventure.

Spoiler alert: we never left the apartment.