Minotaur Maze

The meeting at the hotel: Ft Tiffani Topaz

“Meet me in room 401 at 4 pm”, was what Alex’s note said. Tiffani was excited to see her mentor after so long. The last time they had really talked was four months ago, before Tiffani became well known by everyone. She chose an outfit to impress: black leather pants so tight that it looked like a second skin, and a strapless crop top that barely contains her bountiful breasts.

Once on the lobby, Tiffani couldn’t stop drawing attention: she had a voluptuous body, with large boobs, beautiful behind and gorgeous legs that attracted every male eye in the room. Everyone was speechless with her voluptuous figure and stunning beauty.

The elevator was cramped and full of males.

“Emmm… do you think I should go outside?” asked a blushing man to Tiffani.

She realized how hot she looked, and responded:

“No, the guys here won’t cause much problem, I guess.”

All the men on the elevator were sweating. Some of them were trying to hide the boner under their pants, while other felt lightheaded, perhaps fainting. Some even tried to touch her. She felt flattered, but felt some embarrassment.

After some eternal seconds, the elevator reached the fourth floor. With an unrepentant grin on her face, she stepped outside to her destination, looking around the door and noticing the door was open a crack, inviting her in. The blonde actress thought for a moment to knock the door, but decided otherwise: maybe Alex would not like a formal entrance. She pulled the handle and walked right inside.

Tiffani T. Topaz

She smiled when she noticed her friend was reading a book calmly, half naked with his naked torso in full display.

“Oh my goodness, Alex” she said, her voice flirting with excitement. “Are you not happy to see me? The last time we did it was four months ago… four long months. Have you slept with another girl yet?”

Tiffani T. Topaz showing the best but in the industry.

“Well, Tiffani… you know that even if I sleep with other girls, you always remain the best in my heart… ” He answered.

The actress knew that the relationship between them was like an open one. They felt attracted to each other and were not ashamed to admit, and also were not tied to each other. Their encounter were the product of a burning lust, never of feelings. But there was also great affection as friends.

“No, of course not” she interrupted Alex. “Why should you be celibate until I arrived? You have needs to be satisfied, just as much as I have mine”

“Yes, we have the right to have our fun. So have you been dating someone lately?”

“Of course! The problem was not to find someone that is attractive. Just like you” she stated. “Actually, the last time I had sex was two weeks ago, at a photo shoot.”

“Two weeks!? That’s a long time! And how it was?” he asks.

“So-so” she said. “They sent two guys, both good and not bad looking. Actually, both had big cocks, but I ended disappointed. They knew I needed a good pounding, and didn’t gave me it. Instead, they spent like 20 minutes caressing and fondling my tits before I couldn’t endure any longer and told them ‘fuck me already, you assholes!”

“And what they did next?” Alex is now amused and intrigued by Tiffani’s tale.

“Instead of pounded me senseless, they kept teasing me. They joked saying something like, ‘don’t you like having your nipples teased, bitch?’ Or something like, ‘why such a pretty thing is this impatient.’ What kind of stupid name is ‘pretty thing’ anyway. It took me thirty minutes to cum just because I masturbated.”

Alex is sympathetic towards his friend. He had some bad experiences at the beginning of his porn carrier, as newbies men often tease female performers as some sort of macho contest instead of focusing in the job.

“I’m glad you called me Alex, because I need a good pounding. How can you look so calm like this, after four months of abstinence of me!?”

Alex smiled and told to Tiffani:

“I try to keep busy, but yes, I’ve been missing you.”

He focused his sight on the imposing pair of mammaries under her tight crop top.

“Let’s not waste any more time!” walking towards him, placing herself between his open legs. Her cleavage were displayed right at Alex’s eyesight.

Tiffani was smiling with the sweet victory of persuading Alex to sleep with him.

No man can resist the boobs of Tiffani.

She started caressing her breast and removing that crop top, and she threw it aside leaving her bountiful globes in full display. They were beautiful, round, big and firm, not too big but almost there. They were awesome. She could have been a great model for nude paintings, with her feminine curves. Her creamy white skin was smooth, shiny, and impeccably silken. Alex had a weakness for busty and curvy girls, but he did have the luck of always finding them around and had his choice. Tiffani was always up to sleep with Alex, who had some history together. Tiffani did love how hot and confident Alex is. Alex thought she was perfect, but had a reputation of being a player with any hot girl he encountered, so the encounters between them were not so common, but always worth.

“Stop staring at me” Tiffani stated smiling while touching herself in her belly “It has been four months without fucking you…” she slowly spread her legs, revealing her toned thighs. She bent forward and softly placed her hands over Alex’s chest, and then she pressed her breasts on his face, causing the horny man to feel surrounded by her flesh.

Alexus Minotaur playing with Tiffani T. Topaz boobs.

Alex kissed her areolae, and the blonde moaned softly in enjoyment, but when he wanted to caress her nipple, Tiffani playfully hit his hands. “Don’t tease me, babe. You know what I want. I want my hole filled with your juices.”

Then she laid a deep passionate kiss on his lips. Their tongues intertwined and moved wildly inside their mouths. Tiffani felt thrilled. This was the thrill she lived for, her sexual encounter with her favorite friend. A guy who wasn’t shy to do whatever he wanted, and always left her satisfied and happy.

When their kiss broke, saliva dripped down their chins, their lustful and horny faces illuminated the room. Tiffani immediately moved her hands across Alex’s bare chest, feeling her groin tingle with desire as she played with his muscle. Her fingers wandered the expanse of his pecs and down his abdominals, amazed at how firm they were. She then stood on her knees and went to suck the guy’s right earlobe, then her tongue licked its ear hole, then she sucked on his cheek, and finally her tongue delved into his ear again, which produced in Alex some electrifying sensations and gasps. He returned the favor sucking her ear as his warm breath passed through Tiffani’s skin, sending chills of arousal. She gasped and bit the man’s lip as she removed her leather pants, freeing her ass from the confinement.

“You know, when I was in the elevator, there were many boys that wanted to undress me with their eyes. As sexy as I feel, I won’t be easy for everyone. So consider yourself lucky”

“Of course you won’t, Tiff.” Alex replied. “Because only someone really special has the privilege of sleeping with you”.

“Yes, someone like you”. She knew Alex was experienced in these matters, and liked women and to sleep around with all kinds of girls, but she also knew they were a little bit attached. There was something, a certain familiarity and connection between them. She pulled off his pants, seeing that long shaft of manmeat bob and stand upright.

“Is it time?” she smiled “Yes” he grinned back “Good boy.” She added with an impish smirk, causing the horned-up boy to feel hot all over his body.

Tiffani T. Topaz admiring Alex's long shaft and adjusting it with her massive boobs.

Without further due, she placed that long and thick dong, that brought much satisfaction for her and every woman before. She inserted it between her round, big breasts, letting a moan out of her mouth.

She was already getting excited with the man’s impressive genital, and with an animalistic gasp, began pressing and moving her soft tits. Her smooth mammaries swallowed Alex’s penis, taking advantage of its lubrificative properties to let her ministrations glide more easily. Tiffani’s tits were so big that almost all cocks that once were trapped between them look tiny, but not in this case. Tiffani bit her bottom lip, enjoying how her man-meat is, and what’s coming soon, a wonderful show of pleasure of her favorite porn star. She decided to leave his cock aside and stand up for a while, playing with his meat using only her tits. Her heavy and strong breasts could almost break someone’s bones, so she used a lot of pressure to move them up and down, also squeezing hard every time her big titties descended.

“Like what I’m doing babe?” she moaned seductively.

“I love it… I missed you a lot.” He managed to say with moans, not believing that a pair of tits, the object of so much desire for every man out there, were dominating him completely. His cock had been dominated by an immense variety of women before, but when it came to sex toys like the pussy, mouth and tits, they were always the most prominent winners, leaving him helpless at their mercy, and he did enjoy it.

His blonde and buxom friend, began bouncing those tits up and down his member with incredible strength, every time his dick collided with her amazing rack caused Alex to wince and growl in a savage state of lust. Tiffani, couldn’t be more aroused, giving her breasts a series of ferocious bounces. Each time those beautiful boobies came crashing down Alex’s hard meat, the sound of flesh against flesh, and her sensual cries filled the whole place. She actually enjoyed having those puppies bare as her melons bounced with wild force and fervor all over his length, their bodies glistening with a layer of sweat as they moaned. The curvy girl smiled at him, moaning softly in enjoyment. Her round titties made lewd and erotic jiggling motions in response, that hard pole throbbed uncontrollably between those soft orbs of hers, even pulsating slightly at her warm touch.

“Oh yes Tiff, that’s the stuff.”

“Alex, it’s about time!” moaned the lusty blonde.

After half hour of mind numbing pleasure from the well endowed stud, the curvy female stood up.

“What’s up? Already bored from it?” asked the male.

“Not at all, baby”, she answered, smiling widely.

She approached again to that meat stick, then bent forward and touched the shaft with her tongue and kissed its tip. After the short kiss on its glans she opened her mouth wide and finally began swallowing that well endowed fuck tool. Slowly, but with determination she lowered her head onto the lengthy member, keeping her soft lips firmly wrapped around the veiny length.

Tiffany could feel the heat and beats emanating from that great rod in her lips and began moving up and down at a rapid pace, going faster than when her big boobs were fucking her favorite playmate, and there were a wet suction sound every time she dropped her head. The buxom actress gagged and choked multiple times on his monstrously large dong, not caring at the possible repercussions. Every so often, Tiffany took his dong out and licked it’s glan with her slippery pink tongue, and her man began releasing his juice, it was almost like she was drinking from his juice sack, she loved her salty taste of his delicious milk. Alex grunted and winced in a pleasured way and began rubbing his hands through his girlfriend’s smooth neck.

“Babe you know I prefer to inject my juice on your juicy snatch”.

“Sure, hun, but what kind of woman is not able to get your cum out using her mouth or boobs? Your dick is awesome and amazing! No other cock compares to yours… I am not ashamed to say it. I enjoy sleeping with you, every moment, and your cock makes me cum again and again.”

The female is sucking Alex’s pole, slurping every drop of precum, tasting Alex’s special treat and gently cradling and squeezing the huge scrotum containing all his seeds, even when his massive organ was out of her mouth, she licked and gently teased the engorged and sensitive head. Alex continued pumping his juice sack full of cum for a very horny Tiffani. When he ejected his thick and gooey load, a spray of juice came out from his rod in a vertical jet, filling Tiffani’s mouth. Some of the milky fluid spilled from her mouth, streaming down her neck, falling on her large and smooth cleavage. She moved up and, with a gurgling sound, she finally extracted the erect member out of her mouth, coughing a little bit, recovering her breath, and Alex, grabbed a towel next to the bed and cleaned himself and her mouth.

With his body completely clean, he asked the blonde actress if she was ready for the main course. She observed the stiffed monster in awe. It was still alive after that crazy blowjob she gave, and she smiled to him and nodded in acceptance.

Tiffani straddled Alex, moving her buttocks like a cat in heat, spreading her thick legs apart in front of his crotch, lining her warm entrance with his swollen dick tip, as a mean to take her pussy full of cock.

“The first time we did this, I couldn’t believe your big size could even fit inside me… it hurt at the beginning. But when the pain became more pleasurable, I realized what a whore I was, and the pleasure became better and better and I felt satisfied… Now I can’t imagine life with just a small, runny penis! Now I just want you inside me all the time!”

9 inches of cock ready for Tiffani's pussy

After that words, she took her position, bending on her knees, spreading her legs wide and raising her big ass and with a sultry smile she grabbed the guy’s twitching phallus, which is just inches from the sweet honey-pot, her burning hot flesh radiates heat in a way she could not endure, and her fingers applied a gentle grip, making sure his gigantic organ is positioned properly between her swollen and sloppy labia, and without hesitation the eager blonde woman plunged down, penetrating her dripping snatch fully.

Tiffani T. Topaz sitting on the long cock of Alexus Minotaur.


The male organ and pussy were in contact now, rubbing together, like a long sword trying to sheath itself on a tiny and tight sheath. Tiffani shivered as she felt that stiff and immersed spear push up the walls of her tight caverns, but she had no hesitation. All the lust for months had to be released, and there was nothing better than having the only guy who could understand her deep.

Tiffani taking Alex's cock until the bottom and hitting her uterus.

The first moment they slept together Tiffani could barely endure his impressive rod. But now she was craving for a hard fuck and that will do it, she knew Alex had no limits and always wanted to impress his women.

Tiffani bouncing over Alex's cock


Alex increased the speed, and started fucking her, the obscene sounds of flesh on flesh mixing with her passionate grunts. She could feel the beating of his big cock, like if it was a heart.

Her cunt was soaked in juices, making a lot of obscenely loud wet squishes every time her backside made contact with him. That sopping wet pussy and their synchronous moans filled the room, and the noises of Alex’s hips meeting with the vivacious blonde’s voluptuous ass cheeks seemed like the best music in the world. Her lustful pants and moans came forth in the most erotic song any man could wish for, as they showed to each other that they enjoyed this ritual, with no shyness, shame or remorse.

Tiffani and Alex having great sex

Both bodies glistening with a faint sheen of sweat. Tiffani starts rotating her waist in an unpredictable movement, trying to get Alex’s large dick inside her in different angles and places.

Tiffani continued taking her cock faster and deeper inside her, her cunt letting out some squelching noises as Alex continued his assault, her hands and her luscious chest was swaying and swinging in response. Alex continued to grab her ample breasts, pinching them every so often and pulling her closer.

“Is it feeling good, my darling?” Tiffani moaned and said teasingly.

“It’s the best I ever felt… It always feels so damn good when I enter your tight little snatch.” replied Alex, in a husky and almost exhausted voice. He was thrusting at such a fast pace inside her snatch and he started smacking her fleshy butt as a response to her sexy remarks, feeling that burning red cheeks jiggle and wobble at the impact of his open palm, leaving a pinkish mark at the area.

Alex was happy when he first heard Tiffani said he was her “first real man” after seeing his great length, but still there is no relationship, the man had his own life and was not committed to her, but she understands that he had a free spirit, so she does not complain. All what she wants is to enjoy the best that life can offer.

“Then put everything in me!” begged the lovely blonde, she closed her eyes as he finally ejaculated into her womb, a vast flow of warm semen flowing out of his phallic tool, ready to fertilize that young woman’s body.

“YES, YES! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH… CUM FOR ME!” screamed Tiffani, while she had an orgasm herself, her whole body, shivering in pleasure, she threw her head back, gritted her teeth, and her whole body jerked.

Finally, after she regained consciousness and let everything sink in, she stayed there, panting, catching her breath, her tits shaking uncontrollably, and her vagina drooled. After the couple recovered their breaths, she lowered her head and they kissed once more.

“Tiffani… why do I still desire for more after fucking you senseless?”

“Because I’m too fucking sexy?” she smirked at him and they both laughed “Actually… I feel the same. The more we fuck, the more we desire and the less we can feel satisfied. Are we getting insatiable whores?” She said while she wiggles her butt, shaking the long piece of meat still attached to her.

Alex with his cock still plugged to Tiffani's pussy after making love for 2 hours.

“Ok babe, this was a great first round…” said Alex to Tiffani, who is lying over him.

She was out of breath, as she was trembling, unable to stand. After all the hard and animalistic mating they have been doing for two hours, that man is still hard as a steel and her mind was a mix of pleasure and exhaustion, she was completely hypnotized by her lover.

“I want more of you, but need a little break and a few moments of respite, okay?”

While she said that, someone knocked at the door, Alex and Tiffani became silent in surprise.

“Are you waiting for someone, Alex?” the blonde woman whispered.

“No, absolutely not” the man responded quickly. He had paid for the whole day, and no one was supposed to disturb the pair. Alex stood up, and Tiffani could see her stud’s impressive member swinging while he moved.

Alex opened the door, it was the bell boy. The boy got nervous when he saw to his guest in that state, sweating, with his muscled naked body, and his mighty dick was semi erect. And there were a considerable mess, everything had that distinct odor of sex.

“Oh! I’m so… sorry sir. I didn’t want to disturb you… but there have been complains about some ruckus at this floor, sir”

“Ruckus? There’s no such thing. It was all this girl’s fault” Alex smirked while Tiffani rolled her eyes “She is a real screamer and a horny vixen”.

“Oh! But… but the other guests are uncomfortable”

“I thought the walls of these rooms were quite sturdy and soundproof. It can’t be us”.

“But… I just don’t know how to say it sir, you were yelling a lot. There’s been also several reports saying your behavior was quite wild”

Tiffani got up and walked towards the men, showing her naked, curvy and attractive figure. Her bouncing breasts and shaking bottom aroused the man and left the boy almost speechless and his mind clouded by desire.

Tiffany grinned widely.

“I’m sorry. We didn’t mean any disturbance”

“We only want to have a good time, as you should know” interrupted Alex.

The boy continued:

“Well, I’m sorry lady but your yelling… OMG! Aren’t you… You must be miss Tiffany, aren’t you?

“Oh! I didn’t know I was so popular outside my job!”

“I saw all your movies! Well… a friend did it and told me” the blushing boy said, a little nervous.

“So, are you a fan?” Tiffani knew it was better to win the trust and sympathy of everyone, because good publicity had always worked.

“Ye.. Yes!” the boy nervously said, moving his eyes, almost without daring, from her big boobs to her face and back to her boobs.

“What is your name boy? ” Tiffani asked.

“Freddy”. The boy responded, stuttering, amazed and excited.

The buxom girl approached her to the boy while Alex grabbed her butt and played with those big soft buns, massaging them. The boy had a boner inside his pants, that is obvious to the female eye.

Tiffani smiled and said “I’m sorry Freddy, we didn’t mean to be so noisy and wild… it’s just that my friend Alex is a strong and naughty boy and it’s impossible to resist to him. Could we finish?”

“Well… the sir had already paid… but you must know that according to the rules, we don’t allow shootings… adult productions… if so, we must insist to stop”

“Adult production? hehe, we are not filming a movie if that’s your concern, right? We were just having a good moment. Alex and I are really good friends, you know? And I haven’t see him for a very long time, right sweetie?”.

“Four long months.” Said Alex, while he continued massaging her glutes.

“Check by yourself and tell me if you can see a camera inside the room or any other people”

“No, it seems that, but….”

“Okay, then we would like to continue our date if you don’t mind.” The blonde interrupted and continued seducing the boy. He was very nervous and didn’t know what to say, her words, body and pretty face mesmerizing and charmed the boy, who was just a 21 year old college student. His heart was beating fast and loud, feeling the warmth and magic of her female body.

“Would you like a picture with Tiffani? ” said Alex, and the young boy just nodded, smiling.

Tiffani stands next to him while Alex took the phone of the bell boy and the photo was taken. “Wait for a second, and let’s take a selfie for a better memory, okay Freddy? Don’t forget, ok?”.

A new picture was taken, and the couple noticed Freddy had a raging erection tenting his pants.

“I bet your friends would be jealous if they saw these pictures with Tiffani” Alex said while the young man tried to hide his obvious bulge with his hands, but failed to cover it entirely, his stiff cock could be noticed, a thick and very visible erection tent. The couple smiled mischievously.

“Well we need to continue our activities, could you let us to have some privacy?” said Alex, while he massaged one of the boobs of Tiffani and rubbed his dick against her thighs. Freddy just smiled awkwardly, his gaze directed to her cleavage and blushed again, imagining some situations while he looked that curvaceous and gorgeous blonde.

“Yeah… enjoy your date. I hope the next time we could chat more. Bye!”

He turned away and finally left, leaving the couple behind, laughing.

“Such a cute guy, he likes you” said Alex, kissing his beloved friend.

Tiffani smiled and pushed her butt against his groin. “Don’t worry, you are the only one with special place here on my south border.”

As soon as she said that, he slid his long member, completely filling her slit.

“You know, with any other man, I wouldn’t let the door be open… I hate when the men treat me like a whore. But you, are the exception.”

They shagged with the door open, with the bellboy just a few meters away while he was stopped by a guest on the hallway.

“Excuse me, where is the pool?” asked a young man with a backpack.

“Oh, just down that hall and make a left” the boy answered.

The noise of both bodies slapping in union and flesh squishing sounds were noticed by both men who turned their heads to the source of the lecherous noises and noticed the shameless pair just for a second before the door was closed by them.

“Did you saw that? It looks like this hotel is not boring as I thought!”

“Yes, you have no idea how many couples I’ve found… anyway, let me show you where the swimming pool is. This way”

Tiffany had an evil smile, turned on by the exhibitionist act.

“I liked that. How naughty you are!” exclaimed Tiffany. She liked that act, a feeling of danger and wickedness “Take me away, Alex! My butt is ready for you again” she said with a seductive voice, showing her bouncing ass.

The athletic man was unable to resist his sexual instincts, and lift her right on his arms, carrying her for a second, and finally toss her over the mattress. Tiffany spread her thick legs, showing her wet pussy. Alex placed his large tool over her lips and inserted in a smooth manner. His friend began gasping and moaning loudly and he thrust his member back and forth, his member pounding the delicate girl under him. That little interruption served for both of the friends, to relax and cool themselves, and be ready for the next rounds of the day.