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The peeping Tom: Ft. Cindy Starostin

Something that I enjoy of my apartment is the privacy. I live on the last floor, so no one can see me through the windows. Well maybe the neighbors can hear me when I’m with a lady, but they’ll have to use their imagination because they won’t see me fuck any woman. It’s the perks of having invested wisely in this property. Sometimes I miss the view that I used to have before, where there was the sea in front of me. But I must say that this apartment offers an enviable view, because through my kitchen window I can a see the terrace of the next building. At first I had no interest, since I don’t get that much interested watching other people in their daily routine. But the last months the terrace have become an interesting place since a sorority moved there and has taken the habit of using the terrace in the mornings to sunbathe topless.

I must say that it is quite nice to have that daily catwalk of young women tanning their bodies. Not that I’m surprised either, I’m used to seeing naked women daily in my apartment. But it’s nice to have that kind of view.

One day while I was washing the dishes, the terrace was empty, and only one of the girls was sunbathing. And since I’m a very nice guy I tried to look discreetly at her beautiful naked body.

This young blonde seemed to be dozing peacefully. For a moment I imagined what it would be like to see her sleeping in my bedroom. Yes, I know that there are those who can criticize me for my hedonistic and libertine mentality. But what can I say? I only fulfill the mission that has been given to me in life to spread my seed in all the beautiful female bodies that come my way.

While in the middle of this daydream, she appears to have woken up and sat up to put on sunscreen.

I can’t imagine what face I must have had at that moment, but she realized that he was looking at her. It took me by surprise to see her eyes meet mine. The only thing I managed to do was greet her while she continued washing the dishes.

She immediately disappeared from the terrace. She didn’t even pick up her things. Maybe I embarrassed her.

But what could I do? One look doesn’t kill anyone.

I continued doing my thing and just as I was finishing the cleaning, someone rang my intercom doorbell. From reception they told me that someone wanted to see me. It was strange because I wasn’t expecting visitors, but they told me she was a neighbor…ok, this gets interesting. I told them to let her up.

I tried to keep my head cool in case she was just going to tell me off, because I doubt she’s the type that goes looking to give flowers to her neighbors. When the elevator door opened, there she was in it, wearing the same small thong she was sunbathing in, and a blouse that she seems to have grabbed on the fly to cover her top, with little success.

She introduced herself as Cindy and was out of breath. She came running from the other building, and I was sure she would scold me, but apparently she changed her mind at the last minute when she saw me. Instead, she simply asked me if I was the type of man who liked to snoop.

“Not really, I’m more of a man of action. If I see a beautiful woman I like, I ask her out and then bring her to my apartment” I told her.

She thought about it for a moment and asked me why I didn’t ask her out instead of staring at her breasts out the window. She looked at me like she was already mad at me for flirting with her when I barely knew her.

“Well, how am I supposed to ask you out if I have no way to talk to you, I was supposed to shout through the window?” I replied.

“You don’t need to do it anymore. Now I’m here. Let’s see, tell me to my face. I bet you were dying to see these two beauties up close.” As she says that, Cindy opened her blouse and showed me her naked tits.

The sight was impressive and I didn’t hesitate to tell her she was gorgeous, and maybe we should date, but being honest I wanted to skip that part and go straight to bed.

But she kept wanting to challenge me and gave me two options:

“I’ll make you two offers: one for guys who don’t have the balls, the other for real men, which is what I’m looking for”.

“Hmm…well, I have plenty of balls. What are the choices?”

She kept rubbing her beautiful tits with her hands while her shirt was still open and said, “If you don’t have the balls, you must promise that you will never look at me, or the girls in my sorority sunbathing again from the window. If you do it again I’ll report you with the police and I will make your life a nightmare. You will lose your apartment.”

“Okay, and what if I have the balls? Tell me.” I ask her

“If you have the balls, you’ll have sex with a woman you just met. And you better satisfy me or I’ll tell my boyfriend he’s captain of the rugby team. He and his boys will have no problem tearing you to pieces”

While the threat of having a bunch of guys with big biceps beat me up may sound intimidating, this isn’t the first time I’ve dealt with jealous boyfriends. Furthermore, she said that if I managed to satisfy her, she would keep her mouth shut. I was determined to prove to her that I can keep my eyes on her all night.

While I was thinking about that, I looked out of the corner of my eye at my bedroom and thought that this would be a good place to meet Cindy on fair terms.

“Very well, challenge accepted!”

“Fine, whatever. Bring it on!”.

I approached her to take off her blouse.

“How is that? Do you like them?” she asks.

“What’s there to hate, right? They’re just beautiful!” I say, fondling her tits while licking them.

Cindy seems pleased and grabbed my arms while we kissed in front of the elevator. She began to take her lips and tongue to my neck, leaving her saliva mark everywhere. As I leaned forward to nibble on her neck, she whispered something into my ear.

“Let’s go to your bedroom, we’ll have a lot more fun, you and I.”

I lifted her up by the ass, allowing her to wrap her arms around my shoulders. I knew she had come specifically for sex with me, and had no plans to disappoint her.

We arrived to the bedroom in less than 2 seconds and I placed her in the right position to take off that thong and then let drop my pants and boxers, and both got excited seeing each other totally naked.

I kept playing with her boobs, which I was already very familiar with because I had had plenty of time to watch them closely.

As I watched them swing back and forth as she moved around, Cindy insisted that I should take her by behind and bend her over. I grabbed a condom to show her if she was agree. She nodded in disapprobation. I smiled and let it on the sideboard. Every girl that have visited this room have felt my bare cock, and she would not be the first one. I mounted her and slowly slid inside her.

As I entered her very slowly, she let out a deep moan. I think she underestimated me a little and didn’t expect my tool to be a little bigger than what she was used to.

I increased speed gradually and went deeper every time, allowing her to enjoy the feeling more and more, to the point that she started to move her body along with mine and without realizing it, her cries started to go faster too, until she was sobbing and writhing beneath me. I could bet that her rugby player boyfriend wasn’t used to this pace of action. I stopped her on her back for a few thrusts, grabbed her by her tights, and pushed a bit hard, and could finally reach her cervix.

By the expression in her face, I could see that it was an unachievable feeling that she had until then.

When I felt her cumming under my weight and the trembling in her body, I had no problem coming myself and spurted my milk with enough power to satisfy her, at least for a little while. She left a little bit worn out but satisfied, so much so that she didn’t go straight away as she was originally planning to do.

Now it was time for round two. I laid her on the bed and prepared to properly demolish her tight vagina. We didn’t say much, because we could barely catch our breath. All that could be heard in the room were moans, grunts, and the squeaking of the bed. I could swear that no one lives on the floor below, because I am surprised that I have not received complaints to this day about all the rumblings that the bed makes against the floor.

Alexus Minotaur giving dick to Cindy Starostin

My pleasure was approaching and I could feel she was so wet that her nectar was soaking the sheets. When I knew that both were about to get there, I increased my pace and I started pumping my cock like it was a piston. She was delighted that I hit her so hard. My member stood stiff as a stone spear, ready to make its way through that small, wet furrow.

Finally, after an intense hour of pumping this beauty, her body gave way, and I was able to indulge in filling her with my seed, again and again.

Alexus Minotaur getting Cindy Starostin pregnant.

“That was better than I expected” she told me.

“I’m glad you liked it,” I said.

“It’s been fantastic, but I have to go. I think after this you have my blessing to see me through your window as many times as you want. But I would prefer that you invite me to hang out here from time to time” she said.

“Of course it will be a pleasure”

I watched as she took a quick bath and called a friend who brought her a new change of clothes. Apparently she had a meeting with her sorority friends. She left with a big smile and it seemed she would have a lot to talk about with her friends.