Minotaur Maze

The date: Ft. Natalya de Sainte-Croix

“I had fun today Alex, I didn’t know the opera could be so entertaining,” the gorgeous secretary smiled, who is wearing a long black fur coat, a leather corset with glasses and silk.

“You seem very surprised. Don’t take me for a boor, Natalie. I may look like a surfer boy, but I appreciate and love the culture of my city and that includes the opera, even though it is usually not my style,” he answered smiling to her while driving back home. “So, would you like to have a drink with me to make your evening complete?”

“Da, that would be fine. But I know you’re inviting me for other than have a drink at your place. It’s obvious by the way your cock is dying to be out of your pants right now,” Nat laughs at him.

“You think that only of me,” the handsome guy answered jokingly, touching the hard-on in the pocket of his trousers.

Arriving at the apartment, Alex prepares to serve her drink before offering any service in the form of physical pleasure, so she can relax after a stressful workday. He pours both a vodka and a whisky while enjoying the wonderful view over the city through the windows. He is trying to contain himself for a while and think about something else to not show too much anxious to fuck the woman.

“Here, try it. Vodka made with Khyber violets.” Alex hands the glass to the russian lady. She takes a sip of the clear liquid, tasting the strong flavour that is enhanced by the local flower and she recognizes the effects of the aphrodisiac contained in the petals.

“Oh Alex darling, you don’t need anything of this when I’m around. You can always turn me on just by look at me,” said the hot lady as she moves closer to him. He receives a light kiss in his cheek from her and is followed by a kiss in his lips, a warm one where both put their tongue inside each other mouths for a long minute while his hands explore every spot in Nat’s back until going down and grab the curvy ass hidden by her fur coat.

“Let’s undress, shall we? We both are horny,” he asks her in a seductive voice as he moves towards his bed in order to do it there.

“You didn’t think I wasn’t going to leave here with my clothes, right Alex,” she winks at him. “Come on, help me to take off my coat.” He quickly walks toward her and pulls the two parts apart in order to watch the amazing body underneath. A corset in the top and leather skin-tight dress with a cut in the left leg almost until the crotch are being displayed by his lover. “I chose the dress just for you to see the lovely body I have and also wear those shoes just to give you some kinky images to masturbate next week”

“I don’t need to masturbate unless you call masturbate to the massage you do to my cock with the lips of your cunt everytime we fuck, because that’s something very enjoyable. And to speak about your body, it’s perfect. A waspy waist, long legs, a firm pair of tits. A pride for your country”

“Da, that’s how most of my country is. Full of beautiful women who make other men fall. We like being sexualy desirable as they teach us from childhood, so this is the product. Let’s forget the compliments, get rid of my shoes first”

“As the lady asks.”

Nat removes her corset and dress, exposing her boobs and round and perfectly-shaped butt to him, being only covered by an accessory on her arm and waist. Alex caress her butt and pinching the butt-cheeks gently while receiving a kiss from the secretary, who unbuckles his belt.

“I want you to take off the rest of your clothes, the sight of my naked body make you lose time and I’m not willing to waste any. Do it!” Nat asks in a playful but bossy way to her lover.

Alex smiles and shows her the way to the bedroom while unbuttoning the shirt. She walks towards the bed and before climbs on it, she looks around the room. Alex watches her from behind, seeing how her stylized naked figure is drawn by the shadows and half-light of the room. His shirt and blazer go to the floor quickly while she finishes taking off all that was left of her clothes.

“I like to spend time here on your bedroom, even for just sleep together, so I could escape the boresome life that I have” confessed Natasha while looks how Alex undress his trousers, revealing that she wasn’t lying about his cock dying to go out his trousers.

“Look at you… a nice chiseled body with a long and thick cock. An idol for every other woman. Is there any other aspect in which you aren’t the ideal man?” Natasha asks jokingly while flirtatiously lick her lips with his gaze lost in the huge and erect tool behind her.

“There is something in me that is better than it,” he answers, going right behind her, close enough to feel the heat her body emits and puts his hands in each cheek. Then, slowly, starts to rub her firm butt, massaging and grabbing it firmly.

The woman enjoys the attention of him to the maximum, feeling goose bumps when his hands touched her and make her ready to feel him between her legs. Natasha smiles and says “let me guess… your personality.” The comment makes him chuckle, being one more joke of the kind that he can enjoy being with her.

Both start to kiss again passionately with their naked bodies rubbing against each other, leaving a slight wet spot on Nat’s crotch as her juices wet Alex’s hard trunk. Her left hand starts to travel from the chest to the erection, grabbing it firmly and masturbate it while they continue kissing and she grabs with the right one his shoulder in order to find a balance.

They stop for a moment and she says “I had enough culture for today, now I want a good cock to enter to my body” she rubs her groin in Alex’s hips, grinding and making her juices go out and drip on the floor. “I’ll do my best to fulfill your wish, you kinky Russian.” he laughs as he keeps kissing her and rubbing her crotch.

Natasha rubs her crotch at full speed against Alex’s member, trying to make him come quickly with this unusual way of masturbating him. But Alex has other plans.

“No no no Nat, if I’m going to come, it’s going to be inside you.” he says while he lifts her by her legs to carry her and throw her in bed. He smiles, proud of being able to pick up the woman. “Did you like it when I pick you like this?” he asks. Nat smiles “Da, very macho of your part and it makes me feel protected by a real man.”

Then, he climbs in bed too with the hot Russian girl and he places her over it. She’s lying face up with her legs wide open and Alex puts her dick over her belly, the head of his member arriving at the underside of her big boobs. She looks at it and smiles “I can’t believe all that cock fit in my pussy, it’s so big.” Alex chuckles “I always find the way to make it fit.”

Alex starts moving and sliding his hardness all across her body while kissing Nat again, placing his hand over her face while sliding the massive and pulsating piece all around, trying to find the entrance to her vagina.

“Ready for this piece of flesh?” he asks. “Da. With all my strenght.” She answers with a dirty smile, putting her hands on her knees and spreading the legs more, so Alex gets on her, his balls hanging over her butt as his manhood finds the sweet hole between her legs.

She starts moving her ass on the bed while looking how her lover penetrates her inch by inch. The smile disappears of her face and instead appears a serious gaze, as the muscles of the face of Alex contract due to the enjoyment. She loves his look when is about to enter in her: the hungry and thirsty for sex, but also the nervous gaze. When she got used to the hardness, she answers:

“It seems that every day this fucktool is getting bigger. Sometimes, i’m afraid that it might split me in two pieces.” She looks between her legs to see the penetration and she knows how far has Alex gone. Then, her gaze changes and her expression goes for the sensual one: she bites the bottom lip, raises her upper body a little and leans the forearms on the mattress. She wants to have more control about the fuck, as a hint of showing Alex that she likes the cock he has and is going to enjoy it.

Once again, the guy feels his masculinity growing as he pushes forward to gain a good position inside Nat’s love tunnel, his strong hands holding the underside of her knees to help him go as deep as his member allows it. He moves the torso forward to let their faces be as close as possible, sharing a passionate french kiss in which their tongues dance, interweaving with each other as both parties enjoy the taste they got and the feeling of being one, literally.

The rough yet somehow romantic way the fucking is starting is another feature Alex and Natasha like, they’re both expert lovers, almost as if the whole situation is carefully rehearsed by them, being natural and unpretentious to others, but exciting as hell for them. One possible explanation is that there are good incentives for both. For Alex, she has the body that she always looks for in a woman she wants to take to bed: waspy waist, large breasts, round buttocks, big mouth to accommodate the thick cock and all wrapped up with that attractive style. Besides, she has some dominant vibe coming from her which seems to fit nicely with him, because Alex loves the idea of conquering women who are simply not accessible to most men, because they are not up to par with them.

For Nat, the main factor in him that made her so hooked in him is Alex’s cock, huge as she described and a couple of inches more that makes her wonder if the length is really compatible with the rest of her body without some painful consequences. But even if he didn’t have that huge phallus, the rest of Alex’s physique would still be something worth trying, and that energy he puts when they have sex could be even compared with the desire his Russian girl friend had from him. So it doesn’t matter what are the incentives for Alex and Nat, the thing is both have them and each one feels more than happy when having this encounter.

After 40 minutes, all that could be heard in the room was the squeak of the bed, the impact of friction from bodies against each other and the groaning that Alex and Nat had after the regular pauses. From all this, it’s obvious they are fucking harder and harder the deeper that piece of meat is buried between her pussy lips, a place where the secretariat wants that 9 inch rod never stops pounding her with all the might her lover can handle. She holds his neck, being careful not to let him pass out for suffocation while moaning:

“Please… more…”

She looks at his eyes, he is possessed like a bull seeing a red cloth while he approaches his face close to her and whispers in her ear:

“I’m going to pump some juice inside your womb.”

Her eyes dilates, just imagining his seed going deep in her snatch is enough to feel how an orgasm starts building up, even before the penetrations end. It’s like everything becomes brighter and clearer, the feelings enhanced and that warm tingling all over the pelvis are going to blow in the shape of multiple orgasms. She may sound desperate, but she really is right now, his rod going in and out, in and out her cave is almost unbearable, especially because Alex’s pelvis are colliding against her clit during the moves, stimulating it at the point that every stroke sends her a bolt of electricity and heat her core up, ready to let her cum all over that incredible cock, which belongs only to him.

Her teeth are starting to hurt the lower lip as her facial muscles are contracting to show her orgasm face. Alex notices that, because she is always very expressive about that.

“Oh shit. I’m cumming, Alex. Please, fuck me harder!”

Her vagina can’t take anymore, even she doesn’t want to. After a few seconds, the tingling takes over her body, becoming even worse than before while her back curves and her head is pressed against the soft surface, screaming so loud she hopes the neighbors couldn’t hear them. And what a scream! It lasts a minute until she runs out of air and comes to herself, her limbs are shaking. But the pleasure she feels is intense: her whole body burns in a warm and soft heat, a warmth in the tip of her fingers and in her toes and her vision is blurred, like a veil falling over her. Alex is still in there, riding her down from the clouds.

“Still haven’t cum?”, she manages to ask while stroking her hand all over Alex’s arm.

“In one minute!”, he tells her, picking the pace and rubbing his penis against every inch of her vaginal canal. His hands travel to her breast, caressing and squeezing them. He lowers his head to taste the pink nipple, rolling his tongue over them. And then it happened: the pressure that had built up in him finally explode.

Alex release a loud, almost bestial grunt, a clear sign that his body was giving off and his climax is going to happen, pouring all his hot semen into her womb, mixing his genetic information and their fluids. His hips kept moving in sync and making sure that nothing was spilled as it all went deep inside her. There was enough fluid in that load to get four women pregnant easily and here’s she, milking it all. Alex smiles at her and kisses her on the boobs.

“Oh, gosh” Natasha sighs and hugs Alex by his neck, asking for his mouth. When he has finished delivering all the liquid, he throws himself over her body to satisfy her need. She devours his mouth like an animal, telling him in mumbles how he is fantastic, a god-sent to her. Her arms and legs are locked around him, one around his neck and the other around the waist.

“That was really good sex. I felt as if I was having an oxycodone injection all through the body.”

“Only the best for my favorite mistress”. He is lying down next to her now, his eyes scanning the view of Nat’s curvaceous and inviting form.

Nat smiles with a very satisfied grin. It took her two weeks to finally make her intention be accomplished.

After a few minutes in a silent moment between the couple, Nat decides to snuggle with him, with her butt rubbing against his erect pole, teasing him. Alex finds very entertaining and put his hand over her waist, rubbing it. He tries not to raise the arousal again. Nat asks: “what does the doctor think of your ‘progress’ so far, Alex?”

“You mean about my uncontrollable desire to fuck every gorgeous woman that I cross paths? He says that I’m making a progression, but that I need a little bit more of effort”, he admits.

“From my point of view what you need is a shortlist with the hottest girls of your pool and do it with them every day. It will take off the sexual hunger.”

“Dr. Gessman already said something along the line. But he didn’t mention I could have his secretary on the list. I bet he didn’t see this one coming.”

“Don’t underestimate him, my darling. He knows I’m always being courted, it was a matter of time before I said yes to the right guy. I could swear he bet on you” Nat winks at him.

He giggles and rubs her ass once again, ready to take her from the back and fuck her one more time. Nat puts her hand over his, rubbing softly before spreading her legs, ready to receive his hard member for second round, she is horny again, feeling how she can’t get enough of the guy.

When he puts his penis between the legs of Nat, the precum comes out, ready to serve as lube. He slaps his cock against the Russian’s anus, only to see her reaction and tease her. In the same way, her pussy was wet once again, ready to receive him inside, the left hand went down towards her folds to spread them a little bit to facilitate the penetration. Nat looked over her shoulder at him and moved her ass again, wanting her lover to do his stuff once again, unable to wait anymore. She didn’t need words to indicate that to him, his body language indicated that perfectly. Alex squeezed her soft butt-cheeks and grabbed his thick shaft, ready to be buried inside her cunt. Slowly and steadily, he inserts his whole length and he sighs once it is completely embedded inside her. Nat moans and he leans down over the back of her and starts his hip moves, pounding that woman from behind at a soft pace.

“Fuck, I thought that after a few rounds, I’ll get used to your size and speed, but I guess I was wrong.”

“And I thought after our first time you’ll be afraid to have something so big. Well, looks like both of us were wrong.”

Nat answers while keeping her eyes on the ceiling of the room, taking it. “Who could have told that one day I would be the lover of a porn actor… hmmm if my friends knew about it” she said in a wicked and sensual tone.

Alexus Minotaur pleases to Natalya de Sainte-Croix with his long and thick cock penetrating her juicy pussy.

Alex closes his eyes as the movements get faster. The hard cock hitting repeatedly and forceful her sweet spot makes the horny woman moaning with her eyes closed and smiling with excitement. Alex thinks about all the women he has fucked the last 15 years and how most of them belonged to the porn industry. He knows that Dr. Gessmann is right when he says that Alex lived an hedonistic lifestyle but at some point he would look for something different. But hey, the same Dr. said that he should focus in small steps of change, and sleep with non porn actresses is already a step. Anyway, he will have time to process these thoughts later, but right now her sexy friend needs his full attention as well as his huge cock. He smiles and enjoy the warm hole that he is ravishing. Nat squirms and laughs excited, the last remaining modesty faded. “Come on, I need your seed inside. Show me again that you’re not a bragger”

Alex didn’t answer back to the dare she did and focused only in keep thrusting her as the quickest he can and start massaging her clit for make her reach the peak and climax along him. All what both need was reach their limits of enjoyment and feel again the indescribable sensation of the climax together, having their fluids blend and share their sweat. Their hearts are racing while they push forward and backward respectively. She starts scratching the mattress while all the accumulated pleasure become a whirlwind over her and give a push of adrenaline, ready for a massive ejaculation from her womb, capable to drip between her thighs.


The pretty secretary reached an ecstasy and a torrent of cum escaped from her pussy, spilling some of the contents of the uterus. As soon as her juices ran down her inner thighs and stained the sheets, she smiled and giggled while moaning, already enjoying what will be another climax thanks to Alex’s quick moves and his desire for her. Her chest begins to tremble as her boobies vibrate as he fucks her, his heavy nuts banging against the pussy and clitoris to finally give off. He closes his eyes and let the pressure inside him be freed with a large stream of cum and give a very loud growl.

“Shit, I hope that you are on the pill, otherwise you could get pregnant with twins.” he pants trying to recover his breath.

“No worries, I don’t want children at least for 10 years. Even so, you know that i’m still working with the idea of having one” Nat said panting, waiting until the guy slides his phallus outside and lie her down with her chest against the mattress and legs opened. “But if one day I decide to give a chance to that, you’ll be the first I’ll look for, without doubt.”

Alex smiles, a little ashamed. Nat crawls up to him and whisper in his ear “I bet the chicks can’t get enough of your beast, even though in general you’re a fuck boy.” She knows very well what her words make on her friend’s psyche, and she was right. Alex’s confidence raised after hearing that kind of praising about his manhood. She saw his tool getting hard again, it’s ready for another round and so does she. Nat lies down and opens her legs, signaling his lover that her hole is prepared.

Alex checks the butt of the curvy woman, it’s alluring and the amount of squirted fluids there make him feel ready to dive. Nat opens her vaginal lips, welcoming the young guy to stick his boner. Alex grabs his dick and penetrates her by behind, thrusting at a higher pace than the previous round, his thighs clash against her smooth, soft rear. Both lovers feel the impact between the sweaty bodies and the mixed noises of the sounds and grunting are echoing across the room. Her skin is white as snow, free of any marks and the contrast with his rough and athletic complexion is something to watch. Nat loves the masculine look her guy have. She finds incredible how is possible for him to endure so long in her wet vagina. She rubs her own boobs and pinches the nipples to intensify the experience.

“Fuuuuck, it’s so good to have my own porn guy around”, says Nat while Alex smashes her from behind. “Sometimes I fantasized with a scenario where i’m a porn actress and I have sex with my scene partner before the shoot, but now I don’t need that anymore. You give me all I want and more than I imagined”. The girl sighs in delight, with the penetrations putting her close to another orgasm.

Alex keeps moving, knowing the woman is coming closer and his manhood is about to reach the moment too, even when he has some trouble to handle the increase of pressure and warmth all around his member. The thumps of his palm strike the butt-cheeks, red marks on her beautiful, perfect and feminine booty appear, a consequence of all the fucking from him, which doesn’t stop making a mess with his huge rod. She grabs his pillow and bites it to avoid screams from the intense sensation and Alex watches how his boner enters and goes in and out from Nat, all covered by those sticky and clear secretions, her fluids all over the 9 inch cock. For Alex is always a fantastic experience and sensation have his manhood all slick because the lubrication the cunts can produce when his erection is rubbed at their love canal.

“God… you are incredible!”

Nat gets the mouth away from the pillow as the pleasure subsides enough to allow her to talk. She lifts herself again, her back is close to Alex’s body and with a little rotation from the waist she rubs his butt against the guy’s pelvis. The movement is rhythmic and so hypnotic. Alex knows that this is something his secret lover learnt thanks to porn movies, and it makes her feel good, because he knows which actresses inspired her; the same ones who Alex has had sex. It’s a perfect circle: her inspiration in adult films were made by Alex’s performances, now he enjoys a passionate fuck thanks to that experience, making him more experienced and better for her, then she follows it and turns into a porn goddess in his bed. All is fine, their bodies are burning in lust, the release of endorphins is the only thing that matter for them right now and their orgasms are building up for one another, about to reach the highest peak and the same time, releasing those powerful jolts of electricity that makes them moan and breathe heavily. Nat feels so overwhelmed with the raw force that her man has and how he never get enough, fucking her like crazy, making the balls smack against her dripping wet pussy. This date had a perfect ending.

Natasha feels him closer, knowing that their encounter is about to be finished and it could not be in a better way than a mutual orgasm. The orgasm is gonna blow and the fact of feeling that huge cock between her legs, stretching the insides and rubbing against her g-spot only contributes to increase the pleasure tenfold. But she doesn’t want to finish without seeing him how he releases everything he has to offer for her body. The hot brunette slides his cock out of her, gets off the bed and straddles her man on his lap. Alex is a little bit perplexed by her action, because the orgasm was almost there.

“Easy boy, just give me your penis and watch me do the rest. Just enjoy and I do too”.

That said, Nat held the erected prick and places the tip against her labia. Then, slowly and gracefully, she let all the inches of that big meat to go in as deep as her cervix, and moan when it touch the barrier. She starts a fast and erotic dance with the dick inside, rubbing the thick rod against her inner walls while the rod starts getting red. Then, the thrusts from him follow Nat’s lead and begin at a rapid pace, knowing that the moment of the cumming is almost there, for her too. In no time, his phallus started throbbing non stop. Alex can’t bear anymore the rubbing against her flesh and he just let go, spraying the delicious contents all over her hole. He moves his pelvis while watching and enjoying the creampie. Natasha let the lover see how that creamy seed he gave her, flow down the insides of her thighs and also out her cunt, pouring more and more fluid from the vagina.

“This was a perfect night. I couldn’t ask for more”, says the brunette to his friend.

“Anytime, gorgeous” he says panting, his eyes watching her as the woman hugs him and kisses the neck. Alex starts relaxing and all that he could see is a lovely girl and the peace that only her smile bring. “We can arrange some other dates if you want, we have time, maybe I can bring a friend next time? I think you and she can become good friends.” Alex smiles mischievously to Nat, who sees him in a funny way.

“I’ll be happy to satisfy you and your girl friend. I haven’t been on a threesome since four months! This can get fun”

Then, Natasha kiss her man and lays in the bed, snuggling her body with his to have some sweet sleep before start a brand new day.

Both lovers sleep tight, after a good time making passionate love in a tender way, after the intense intercourse. She was fine and relaxed and he felt pleased and relieved, making this their best date after the first ones. Everything will be alright as long as they stick together for this mutual benefit.