Minotaur Maze

A busy agenda: ft. Chanel de Sainte-Croix

The last time I was with Chanel was on a luxury suite in Paris. I was commissioned to interview her for the magazine where I work. Needless to say, we spent more time making the beast with two backs than actually interviewing her about her fashion label. We had three incredible days together and despite how awesome I thought my week had gone, my weekend with Chanel still stuck out in my mind. That’s why when she told me that she would be passing through my city, I figured we could spend a time together.

She’s staying in the penthouse of one of the most expensive hotels in the city, but she gladly accepted to come to my apartment. Not exactly a five star establishment like her penthouse but enough for what I was planning to do with her.

My hands were holding tightly her voluptuous ass. Her arms were clinging to me and her legs were around my waist as I carried her to my couch on the living room and let her ass rest upon it. Her eyes were filled with both lust and determination as she removed her dress, showing me those round D-cup tits of her and a matching purple lace thong and bra that left nothing for the imagination.

I had my hands all over her naked body before, so I already knew what was behind those flimsy pieces of fabric. But having it right there was a wonderful feeling. With a sultry smile, she pulled me to the couch, helping me take my shirt off at the same time. When my shirt was discarded, I started kissing her, slowly pulling the bra off her beautiful full titties that bounced when I managed to let them out. Chanel felt so good that it was ridiculous.

My right hand reached between her legs and slowly started to remove the purple panties that covered her pussy, so I could finger fuck her.

I started by licking around her nipple. Starting from the valley between her breasts and moving out in a circle towards the center. She moaned as my tongue neared her hardening nipple and then groaned as I moved past it. The tattoos around her tits were extremely sexy and added a lot to her amazing looks. My other hand was squeezing her other breast and I’d occasionally play with the nipple, flicking my thumb against it.

After getting a great response by her nipples, I was ready to move forward to the prize, her dripping cunt, but not before taking care of her fantastic melons. I was starting to feel the warmth of her crotch, and judging by the way the place was glowing, I could only imagine the smell of her juices, a smell which I already became very familiar with in France.

With her pussy exposed now, I was more than happy to move my tongue down her stomach until I was between her legs. But who are we trying to fool? I didn’t want to waste time licking, I wanted the main show now! I pulled off my pants and briefs, then layed on the floor, I wanted to fuck her so much…and she was more than ready for a dick in her cunt. Chanel spread her legs wide and settled into a comfortable position. Her eyes were fixed on my rock-hard manhood, and I guided her hips while I carefully aimed her entrance at the tip of my penis, resting there as it prepared to take the plunge.

Her eyes rolled up, as I began to press the head against her slick nether lips. She could not help but to slowly grind herself downwards on me. Giggling and purring softly, the first two inches of my cock sank easily into her soaked folds. She paused here a moment to savor the penetration, giving the big head of my cock a teasing squeeze with her internal muscles. Finally she exhaled slowly, then took a deep breath and continued her slow descent upon me, my rock hard prick sliding smoothly up into her tight silky depths.

Chanel took the plunge and descended fast, burying me inside her until my large ball sack pressed firmly against her puckered butthole. “Oooohhh, that’s it!” She murmured, stopping briefly to once again savor my deep penetration. “A perfect fit, every time…Alex!” I was nine inches deep inside her and feeling absolutely wonderful. I couldn’t have answered if I wanted to, but I sure was going to agree with her statement, she does have a perfect fit, and a tight pussy to boot.

She was laying on my sofa and I was watching her cum as I kept pistoning into her like a man possessed, even though her cum had already washed out and down her inner thighs, her eyes were still closed and she was lost in her little private world, with that smile still on her face, as I continued thrusting.

Even though her orgasms are coming so strong I can feel her whole body trembling in pleasure, she is keeping her composure as a lady.

While still fucking her, I massaged her ass cheek with the palm of my hands, before getting a handful, squeezing it, and letting go. I alternated the cheeks as she continued to moan and take her pleasures, it’s only right after all.

My nails grazed down the back of her creamy pale white skin, her juicy peach shaped bottom a delight to hold and my fingertips itchy and eager to caress it, teasing my fingers slowly towards her gushing twitching pussy as it drooled.

It was now obvious to me that she had built an orgasmic flood, one so tremendous, that her mind must have had no idea the capacity of what was about to explode out.

As the intensity and magnitude of her orgasm shook Chanel’s whole body, I placed one of my hands on the side of the couch while the other was on her waist to keep her from moving as I moved forward as well. She started rolling her eyes as I kept pushing in until her whole body began to tremble and quake with pleasure, which had to be some of the greatest pleasures she had ever experienced.

Alexus Minotaur cumming inside Chanel de Sainte-Croixe after a long raw sex session. The chances that she has become pregnant are high.

For a few minutes we had lost sight of time and I had no idea of how long she was cumming, but after some time her orgasm subsided and her body collapsed back down onto the softness of the cushions below us, while I was still pumping into her, looking for mine.

I pushed once again deep into Chanel’s quivering cunt with a long, powerful and final stroke as she once again came to a glorious finish and my own glorious end erupted from within her, blasting load after load of hot molten lava deep within her juicy throbbing tunnel. She began to spasm out of control.

She was not usually a loud girl, but as my seed coated her insides, her second, more intense orgasm caused her to start yelling so loud it felt like she was trying to crack open my windows and fill my apartment with sound and desire.

My seed seemed to be filling her, pouring deep and warm within her body and I felt fulfilled by this experience. As my own orgasm faded, I finally came to a rest on top of her. “Aaaaah, Alex. I miss that…” she said, while the bliss was still in her voice and then let out a breath she must have been holding for the last minute. “I noticed you released so much inside me” her sexy french accent made it even sexier.

“Did you like it?” I asked and leaned over, letting a smile emerge on my face and her, who was panting as well, smile back at me, nodding at me in approval.

We were about to continue our heated time, as I was on the verge of getting my strength back, the ringing phone interrupted us.

It was her assistant calling her for an event that she couldn’t skip because her presence was required. The assistant informed her that a limo would wait for her at the street, she told her that she would go but wouldn’t like to rush herself.

“Give me one hour, no make it two” she replied, winking at me “but remember, tell them not to wait outside because I want privacy”.

She turned to me. “What you think about you giving me by behind before I leave? Then a hot shower together? How that sound?”

I could only respond, “fuck yes” as the mere thought was enough to excite any guy. I guess I didn’t have to be a gentleman with her, since she wasn’t asking for it.

The words were barely out of her mouth when she turned her back to me and bent over slightly. I simply kneeled behind her, but as I was guiding my swollen meat inside Chanel’s body, the phone rang and she had to answer.

I took the hint and started fucking her from the rear with abandon while she spoke to whomever it was that had dared to ring on this moment. It was her assistant again, insisting on her presence to that event she talked about earlier. “I said… two hours” her words came out between gasps and moans “make them wait” her eyes rolled up and I knew she was loving the moment. That gave me an idea “keep talking” I whispered in her ears.

She returned her attention to the phone as she could see how it excited me. “Yes… I can’t be there earlier… why? Well… Uhhmm,” Chanel groaned into the phone “I’m dealing with something… very… BIG!!! Fuck me… uuugghhhh… it’s so BIG!!!”

We were moving and moaning in rhythm while her assistant kept talking. I had her by the waist, not really pulling her towards me, instead thrusting into her and letting myself slide. I slowed the pace and while thrusting in slowly, I cupped a nipple with my free hand, tugging at it gently while twisting my fingers and letting it pull her tit from within its fleshy surroundings.

At this point Chanel had arched her back and her pussy seemed to clamp on the last inch of my hardness and was jerking along with it.

At the end Chanel talked with her assistant for 15 minutes, that for the most part was moaning and talking in short sentences and single words such as; “Uhmmm… yessss,” while I enjoyed the wet warmth her vagina was encapsulating around my hard length. She couldn’t focus anymore on the conversation, so she said goodbye and hang up.

I am a man of word, so I kept her busy the two hours she was supposed to stay, by the end of it I had unloaded four times while she came a countless number, the last time we fucked she was completely exhausted. She got up from the couch, took me by the hand and we headed to the shower.

We barely had time to wash ourselves because in less than 10 minutes someone was ringing at the door. It was the driver of the limo that would be transporting her to her next event.

Once out of the shower and ready to go, I could see a satisfied look on her face. It was written all over it, and I was more than content for making her enjoy the two hours she had been allotted to relax.

I must say it was a time well spent, considering she is a woman with a busy agenda and being alone with her is not an easy thing to pull off, but in those three hours we got along pretty well.

She walked over and kissed my cheek, grabbed my dick and gently massaged it and before leaving, whispered “we will see each other very soon. Thanks, chéri.”

Later that night, she appeared on the news as an attendee of a social event. The reporters were praising her looks, but also questioning why she was walking funny, commenting on her swaying and limp on her walk. If I had to guess it was from the pounding I had given her and my cream filled her cunt so nicely, but they were speculating other more innocent ideas such as Chanel’s love of riding horses or yoga. Anyway, it was all worth it.