Minotaur Maze

Teaser: Electric Pornstars – Volume 2

Alexus Minotaur penetrating to Serenity Kristan during a break of the filming of Electric Pornstars. This is how it helps to keep an erection for so long!

During the last months of 2020, I’ve been busy working with my good friend Serenity on a project that was top secret until now: it’s the sequel of Electric Pornstars. If you haven’t seen the first one, you can check it here.

I like that we’ve managed pretty well the secrecy of the project. I know how it’s when something leaks and the people start to have expectancies over something that you are not sure if you will finish.

In this case, I can envision Sere as Area 51 and me being the unique Naruto runner who had plenty of access (hmmm yes!).

I still can’t reveal a lot of the new movie, but it will have the same style as the first one. This time it will be me the designated stud, who will measure his manhood against this goddess.

So there above, we have one pic shot by me during the best part of the movie (at least for me, hehe). It was steamy and very intense, and worth it the time.

In a few days, I’ll be releasing new material so you can enjoy it. Meanwhile, I recommend you to follow Serenity through Flickr and her new blog.