Minotaur Maze

Nella Sanchez

The first time I saw Nella was through an erotic photo posted by a friend several years ago. She was completely naked, standing near a fireplace, showcasing long and firm legs supporting an impressive behind. From that day on, it was clear to me that I had to bed her.

This good friend kindly introduced us, and fortunately, we had good chemistry from the start. It took me 2 days to convince her to go to bed with me. It was one of the best lays I had at that time. Despite her last name, she is of French origin, and it shows in the sensuality that radiates from her body.

Since then, we maintained a healthy friends-with-benefits relationship. Half of the time we spent together was for talking, and the other half was for screwing. We were doing well in that area until she suddenly disappeared after several years. Later, I found out that she had returned to France and met the man who became her husband.

Recently, she managed to contact me, I don’t know how she did it because when I was with her, I lived in my beach house in another city. She asked if she could visit me, and I said yes.

She liked my apartment and felt very comfortable reminiscing about the old times. She told me she had an arrangement with her husband: once a year, they give each other a pass to sleep with whomever they want, and she wanted this year to be special, so she reached out to me for having been one of her best lovers.

She asked if I would be interested in spending the day together, no questions asked, just indulging in pleasure.

I said yes.