Minotaur Maze

A video for Sucu

I met Sucu a few weeks ago. She is one of these new models and influencers who documents her experiences in a well-known blog, something in the style of Carrie Bradshaw but more spicy.

From the first day I saw her I knew we would eventually end up fucking. Why? Well, from the beginning I felt a certain sexual tension, which we would eventually resolve.

It finally happened one day that she followed me into the room where we keep the equipment and mats. There we had a quick but quite satisfying fuck.

Do you Want to read that story?

From that day on I started to fuck her quite regularly. But I think it was time to take the next step: invite her to visit my apartment.

I ended up telling him that I also work as a photographer and I used to be a porn producer, so I suggested doing a photo shoot. For her, who is a model, it should not be a problem. Sucu accepted but in return she asked me to make a video for her, which she wanted to prepare as a sexy gift for her boyfriend.

Boyfriend? I thought she was single without commitment.

“Don’t worry. My boyfriend and I are open-minded people” she told me.

Anyway, I had the afternoon off and could come to my apartment to do the work.

She came over. We talked for a bit, then we went out to the terrace. It was a sunny day. While I was looking for the best corner to do the shots, she started taking off her top.

I must confess that she caught me a little off guard, as I was concentrating on where to place the camera.

“What are you doing? Do you want me to record you naked?” I said.

“No silly, my idea is that you record us having sex. My boyfriend will love it.” she replied.

I didn’t need any more details, I proceeded to place the camera on the table and take off my pants.

She saw how my package peeked out from under my pants and smiled. She took off her pants and approached me.

“I like that huge member of yours. Why don’t you take it all off and we’ll have some fun?” she told me.

“Of course”

We started to play a little. She shook my cock with her hand and it didn’t take long for it to get very hard.

“I’m ready” I told her.

Sucu turned around and told me: “you know what I like”

Wasting no time, I began to insert my cock into her vagina. First the tip pushed through her walls and she moaned nonstop. Little by little, every inch of my being entered until I finally hit rock bottom. She pressed her back to me in sheer delight.

I was already 9 inches inside her when she began to squeeze my member with her vagina, making sure that no matter how much we moved, my tip would not come out of her body for any reason.

The pleasure was so intense that with a loud moan she cummed at the same moment.

“Oooohhhh! Thank you, thank you!” she exclaimed while clenching my dick hard.

We then decided to make ourselves more comfortable in the daybed where I usually sunbathe. I made sure beforehand that the camera focused well to continue with our show.

Sucu lay on her back and spread her legs for me. I got on top of her and quickly put my cock back inside her.

“So this turns on your boyfriend? Watching someone fuck you hard?”

“Yes, he loves to see me enjoying myself in the hands of experienced people” she told me.

I wouldn’t know if I should take that as a compliment, but since we were here, we would continue to the end. We are going to show her boyfriend Zas how to fuck Sucu. Maybe he’ll learn a few tricks.

As our genitals came into contact, rubbing against each other, I remembered how Sucu kept a record of all her adventures and I wondered what she would write about this encounter.

It’s funny that over the years I’ve fucked a lot of women in front of a camera for work. But now that I’m retired, I’m still fucking women on camera, but now for different reasons. The important thing is to have a good time.

My cock fully filled and tightened Sucu’s vagina as we both panted and sweated with pleasure. We fucked non-stop for an hour until finally, in unison, we both let ourselves come and reached orgasm simultaneously.

“That was fantastic. I loved having sex with you” she told me with a smile.

I grinned at her. “It was my pleasure Sucu, I believe the camera recorded all but the battery was not at 100%.”

“Ah don’t worry about that. I got everything I wanted today. Do you think it will get erect once again?

“Of course” I said.

“Good, because I want one more round, but this time behind the scenes.

Without taking it out yet, I proceeded to move inside her until my cock was stiff again. In a few minutes we were already doing it again.

Alexus Minotaur and Sucu Uriza showing how to have sex for an educational video.

I put it so many times inside her until I made sure that she had one more orgasm. She felt very grateful.

Of course I also wanted to cum, and I did it a few minutes later. It was so good!

Afterwards, we both relaxed on the bed and we chatted, joking a bit before leaving.

I gave her a hug and wished her luck with her boyfriend and the gift. If she would ever need another video, I would be happy to help.