Minotaur Maze


Hero of the beach ft Iris Okiddo

One day I was walking around the beach, minding my business when I saw something that brought my attention. Someone was calling for help from the changing huts. Play It! by The Smarties It sounded like a woman with a fashion emergency. The person had no clothes on! That’s not cool in public. I thought

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The match – ft Jinxy

In a previous post, I was checking the features of the new social network Thundr, which promises to be the Tinder of Second Life. What I didn’t expect was how fast I would get results. One match in particular caught my attention. Her name was Jinxy. She was the typical woman with a lifestyle that

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The mentor – ft Tiffani Topaz

One quiet afternoon when I was watching a movie at home, I received a call. It was Serenity, my old friend and scene partner from my time as a porn star. We had followed different paths, she had continued to grow in the industry, and now she was a legend, while I preferred a quieter

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The free pass

Alex A friend invited me to the opening of his new club near the beach. I’m not much of going out, but I didn’t want to be rude, so I decided to spend a while there. While I was sitting in the VIP area, someone came up to my seat. It was quite a revelation.

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Breakfast for two

I want to introduce you to “Breakfast for Two”, a story starring Crimea, who makes her debut in adult stories with this adventure. This is a new format that I am testing and it emulates the stories that you can find on social networks like Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook. I hope you like it. Click

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